Selfie Hot Spots at Mt Hood Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Thursday, July 21, 2016

Selfie Hot Spots at Mt Hood
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Thursday, July 21, 2016

Whether you use your phone or a camera to take photos, you have to admit that at some point you have taken a selfie while on vacation. And with a selfie stick or a tripod and timer you can get even better self-portraits these days. Part of the fun of visiting Mt Hood is taking photos, especially selfies for posting on Facebook and Instagram so all of your friends will know where you have been, what a great time you are having, who you have been hanging out with and of course how great you look while on vacation. Posting travel pics and selfies on your social media have taken the place of scrapbooks and photo albums, so make the best of it and show off your awesome self. Add up the “Wish you were here!” points with your friends and get some cool selfies in these hot spots around Mt Hood.

Anything with Mt Hood in the photo!

Mt Hood from the summit of
Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

Spring skiing at Snow Dome
on the east side of Mt Hood

Summertime view of Mt Hood from the
Timberline Trail to Paradise Park at Big Zigzag Canyon

Viewing Mt Hood from the dam at Trillium Lake

Final approach to the summit of Mt Hood

View of Mt Hood at Bonney Butte
with a tripod and timer

Chronicle your fun adventures at Mt Hood!

Hiking in the Mt Hood National Forest

Riding the chairlift at Mt Hood with friends

Adorable babies

Back-country skiing at Illumination Rock
on the south side of Mt Hood

Silly Photos!

Your tongues after eating wild huckleberries
while hiking on a Mt Hood trail

Summer-time sandal tan

When a butterfly lands on your nose

Mt Hood reflecting in your sunglasses

Feet chilling at the Salmon River

Blue skies, but where are you?

Your dogs want to be in the picture, too!

Bruno playing in the snow

Lucy at Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

Do you have a favorite selfie from your Mt Hood vacation?
Email your photo to [email protected] with your story
and we will add it to our gallery of Mt Hood selfies.

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