6 Cabins Perfect for a Ski Trip to Mt Hood Meadows
Posted by Sydney Foster | Friday, January 8, 2021

Planning a getaway to enjoy the slopes of Mt Hood Meadows? Before you pack your skis or snowboard, you’ll need a home-away-from-home in a Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental. Although there are not any rentals at the ski resort itself, the nearby Government Camp community offers close proximity to the ski slopes and other outdoor adventures. Return for apres-ski relaxation to cabins that feature private hot tubs, fireplaces, full kitchens and so much more that will make you feel right at home.  

Check out our list of Government Camp cabins that make for the perfect Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental.  

1. Cedarwood Lodge

This 5-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom cabin invites a group of 12 ski bunnies to relax in style after a day on the slopes at Mt Hood Meadows. The cozy log cabin is complete with a private outdoor hot tub where you can ease sore muscles from a day of outdoor adventure. Enjoy a getaway at this Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental! 

Book Cedarwood Lodge

2. Moosewood Cabin 

Nestled in a forested setting in Government Camp, this 3-bedroom,1-bathroom Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental cabin is a perfect getaway into nature. After a day skiing at Mt Hood Skibowl, warm up near the pellet stove or head to the hot tub for a relaxing soak. No matter if you want to ski the day away or cozy up reading inside the charming living room, this cabin is an ideal winter escape.

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3. Marshall Cabin

A perfect respite in Oregon's snowy great outdoors, the Marshall Cabin is an ideal getaway sitting on 2 private acres surrounded by Mt. Hood National Forest. Accessible only by cross-country skis or snowshoes, this cozy cabin is a secluded retreat perfect for having a game night at home and warming up near the wood-burning stove. Want to bring your four-legged friend to join in on the fun? Pups are welcome to join you at this charming cabin! 

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4. Tom’s Creek Haus

Perfect for a romantic couple’s retreat or a small family of outdoor-enthusiasts, Tom’s Creek Haus features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room complete with a stone fireplace. Enjoy proximity to downtown Government Camp as well as the outdoor adventure that can be found on nearby ski slopes and trails. Enjoy listening to the babbling brook that flows right behind the rental making the cabin’s location perfect for a winter Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental. 

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5. Holzhutte

This hand-crafted cabin was built in the European style in 1966 and makes for a unique getaway in the Oregon wilderness! Boasting a gorgeous interior complete with a wood-burning rock fireplace, a downstairs game area, and a fully equipped kitchen, the cabin invites a group of 10 to feel right at home. After a day on the slopes at Mt Hood Meadows or snowshoeing trails, take a dip in the Swedish-style cedar soaking hot tub that is nestled near snow-covered trees.  

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6. Chalet Am Burg

Enjoy a relaxing getaway at this Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental. Boasting stunning wooded views, plenty of at-home entertainment with board games and a foosball table, as well as a patio complete with a hot tub with forest views, this cabin invites groups to enjoy family fun both at the cabin and exploring nearby ski trails and attractions. No matter if you visit to ski the day away or just enjoy the luxury lodge, this is an ideal home-away-from-home in Government Camp. 

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Plan your ski trip to Mt Hood Meadows

Ready to hit the slopes? Book one of our Government Camp cabins as your Mt Hood Meadows vacation rental! Take your pick of amenities such as pet-friendly cabins, private hot tubs, game rooms, and more as you plan your group's getaway to enjoy the outdoor adventure offered by Mt Hood Meadows. For more adventure, browse all of our vacation rentals to see other great escapes in the Mt Hood area.


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Why Midweek Vacations at Mt Hood are the Best
Posted by Tiffany Quillan | Thursday, January 7, 2021

Planning a vacation around a weekend feels like a no-brainer, especially if you have a Monday through Friday job with weekends off. Two free vacation days, right? While weekends at Mt Hood are wonderful, midweek vacations are the real hidden gem. This is especially true now while more people have the ability to work remotely, and while a lot of employers are offering more flexibility to move working hours around. Here are the top reasons you should consider a midweek vacation to a beautiful mountain town like Mt Hood. 

#1 - Less Traffic Means More Vacation Time

Traffic can turn a 60 mile trip into a three plus hour drive. Make that round trip and you're clocking six to eight hours for a quick getaway. At that rate you've already blown through two half days that you could've spent hiking, skiing or relaxing in the hot tub at your private vacation cabin. When you plan a midweek vacation to Mt Hood you'll cut down on your driving time significantly, so you can spend more time vacationing and less time staring at the bumper in front of you.

#2 - Less People Means More Room to Explore

We're all looking for less crowded places lately, and midweek at Mt Hood is the ideal spot. You'll enjoy less crowds, more space and plenty of fresh mountain air - whether it be cross country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing or hiking. You can take your time on trails and soak in the views. Enjoy a quieter experience and get more nature. You can't beat midweek if you're really looking to take a break and connect with nature. Get your socially distanced vacation right when you choose midweek at Mt Hood.

#3 - Less Visitors Means Your Choice of the Best Cabins

How many times have you found the perfect cabin only to look at the calendar and find that your dates are taken? Vacation rentals book out fast for weekends at Mt Hood, but that perfect vacation rental can be yours if you come midweek instead. You don't have to be shy with your midweek vacation rental search - go for everything you want: private home, hot tub, pet friendly... you name it! You can get all the amenities you're looking for and find the right location. 

Browse Mt Hood Vacation Cabins

#4 - Lower Prices Means More Money to Play

What's not to love about getting more for less? Prices throughout Mt Hood are lower during the week than they are on weekends. Vacation rental prices are up to 20% lower during the midweek than they are on weekends. Activities are also less expensive! Lift ticket prices may cost around $129 on peak weekends, but you can ski those same runs for $99 midweek or even $69 if you ski a half day starting at noon. Spend less money on your vacation rental, lift tickets, and other activities and put more in your piggy bank for your next adventure. 

Plan Your Midweek Mt Hood Vacation

Get to your destination faster, enjoy less crowds and more space, and spend less money. What's not to love? Book your midweek vacation with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals today and save up to 20% on your vacation cabin.

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Planning a Mt Hood Romantic Getaway
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Monday, January 4, 2021

Planning a Mt Hood Romantic Getaway

Whether you're planning a honeymoon, an anniversary, or you're just looking for a spot to reconnect with your loved one, Mt Hood is the perfect escape for a romantic getaway. Mt Hood's quaint and quiet villages offer a great mix of nature, relaxation, outdoor exploration, privacy and home-town establishments... not to mention cozy log cabins with fireplaces and the best views. Just imagine watching deer walk through your expansive yard as you sip coffee in the hot tub, or enjoying a riverside picnic while the sun beams down on you! All of these scenarios play out beautifully throughout The Villages of Mt Hood in Oregon. Your significant other will love being surprised with an intimate trip away from the city.

Mt Hood Romantic Cabins

Planning a Mt Hood romantic getaway always starts with finding a cabin you can call home during your visit. Luckily there is no shortage of romantic cabins with hot tubs, fireplaces, riverside locations and decks with breathtaking views. Check out some of our favorite cabins for your upcoming trip below, or search all of our romantic cabin rentals.

River View Cabin

  • Village: Welches
  • Why we love this cabin: vaulted great room, wood-burning fireplace, private hot tub & panoramic views of the Sandy River

Book River View Cabin Now

Bear Den Log Cabin

  • Village: Welches
  • Why we love this cabin: open great room, wood-burning woodstove, jetted whirlpool tub in the master bathroom, deck with a BBQ grill & pet friendly

Book Bear Den Log Cabin Now

Moondance Cabin

  • Village: Zigzag
  • Why we love this cabin: stunning wood interior, secluded creekside setting, wood-burning woodstove, private hot tub & deck with a BBQ grill

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Salmonberry Retreat

  • Village: Brightwood
  • Why we love this cabin: on the Sandy river with surrounding woods, wood-burning fireplace, private hot tub, deck with a BBQ grill & pet friendly

Book Salmonberry Retreat Now

Firwood Cabin

  • Village: Zigzag
  • Why we love this cabin: beautiful forest and mountain view, 3 private acres, open great room, private hot tub, deck with a BBQ grill & pet friendly

Book Firwood Cabin Now

Dream Catcher Cabin

  • Village: Brightwood
  • Why we love this cabin: Riverfront on the Salmon River, vaulted great room, fireplace, private hot tub, firepit & picnic table, pet-friendly

Book Dream Catcher Cabin Now

We offer all of these romantic retreats and more! Browse our full collection of romantic cabin rentals.

Romantic Activities Around Mt Hood

Once your cabin is reserved you'll want to plan some activities to enjoy with your loved one. There are many romantic things to do throughout the Mt Hood villages for every taste, from intimate fireside conversations at your private cabin to romantic dinners and more. Here are some of our top picks for ways to spend time with your significant other:

Fireplace, Wine & Games

What could be more intimate than a night spent cozied up in front of the fireplace playing games and sipping a bottle of good wine? Take a break from TV and your smartphone and spend some time talking, planning and reminiscing by firelight! 

Sunrises, Sunsets & Star Watching in the Hot Tub

Hot tubs are always great, but they're even better when you're surrounded by nature. Get up early with a cup of coffee to enjoy the sunrise from the hot tub, or have a cocktail while the sun sets. Star watching is absolutely magical in Mt Hood, and you'll stay nice and warm in the hot tub. If your timing is right, you may even see some wildlife when you're soaking. 

Romantic Dining

We often don't give food enough credit for the role it plays in our lives. Taking the time to share a meal with your loved one, putting the phones down and truly connecting and sharing conversation is an excellent way to say "I love you". All of our cabin rentals have fully equipped kitchens so that you can cook an intimate dinner at home. Go out on a limb and try to recreate one of your favorite recipes from a restaurant, or come up with a fun tasting-inspired menu complete with small plates and wine pairings.If you are not up to preparing a meal, many of our local Mt Hood restaurants are offering outside dining and take-out.

Outdoor Adventures

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the ample opportunity for outdoor adventuring throughout Mt Hood! You can hike year round at Mt Hood since the trails at lower elevations don't always have snow. Skiing or snowboarding is also a great activity to try out with your loved one and there are a variety of runs to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced skiers. One of our favorite romantic outdoor activities is corss-country skiing where you can get out into nature and socially distance. You can find information on some of our favorite cross country and snowshoe trails in our Mt Hood Winter Guide.

Live Music

There's something extremely romantic about feeling the vibrations of live music move through you as you hold your honey's hand or look into their eyes. We know live music will return one day, but for now we can go all out with our at-home concerts. Imagine dancing to your favorite tunes around a toasty fire with your significant other. You'll be surrounded by nature in your private vacation rental with no one to judge your funky dance moves. Many artists are also holding ticketed virtual concerts. Surprise your loved one with a night in and a live, private concert in your living room. 

Plan Your Mt Hood Getaway Today

Start planning your romantic getaway to Mt Hood, Oregon with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals! We offer a great selection of cozy and cute cabin rentals, and we also offer pet friendly rentals so you can bring Fido.

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Celebrating the Holidays Apart but Together
Posted by Tiffany Quillan | Thursday, November 5, 2020

Statewide lockdowns led many of us to miss spring weddings, Easter gatherings and birthday celebrations with our loved ones earlier this year. It was a bummer, but it also made us feel hopeful that come winter this virus would be just a memory. Fast forward many months and travel has opened back up, but COVID has not gone away.

The holiday season is nearly here and many of us are left wondering how we can make this season feel special, even though we may not be able to gather with the whole family as we usually do. I've put a lot of thought into this question myself and have come up with some ways to make this winter holiday season special - even if it's just my husband and I. If you've got ideas to add, please share the love on any social media channel with #HolidaysApartButTogether.

Celebrating Holidays Without Family

I guess "celebrating holidays without family" is a bit misleading, because distance doesn't mean separate. Celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Hanukkah, the New Year (aren't we all looking for 2020 to be over?) and everything in-between without family in the same room is certainly different - but we can still make it special. 

Plan Your Holiday Meals Together

Food is the glue that holds holiday celebrations together. It doesn't matter what you agree (or disagree) on at the dinner table when your favorite family recipe is being passed to you. So maybe mom can't make your favorite dish for you this year - instead you both can make it and enjoy it together (but apart).

Planning to cook the exact same meal miles apart can be a special experience. You'll get to share that secret ingredient you've been putting in your prized dish with your loved ones, and you'll gain some appreciation for not having to cook the items your siblings handle each year. So give it a go - plan your holiday meals together, video chat throughout it and enjoy a good laugh at whoever's pumpkin pie falls flat. Memories are made in the small moments, and cooking is one of them. Post your tasty meal pics with #HolidaysApartButTogether and encourage others to join in on the fun. 

Make it Special for the Kiddos

How does that country song go? "Let them be little, cause they're only that way for a while...". And oh how true that is. This can be an especially anxious time for parents who want to ensure their kids have all those magic holiday memories they grew up having. So for the parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents out there - how can we make this memorable for the kiddos when the whole family isn't gathered around them like they normally are? I don't think we'll find the answer in consumer culture. Toys will be tossed, clothes will be outgrown and fads will wear out. But what about an experience designed just for them that the whole family pitches in to create?

Do you remember when Make-A-Wish created a special Bat Kid experience for a very adorable young batman fan? Why not create a themed scavenger hunt or treasure hunt based on your kid's favorite movie character? Parents can hide themed objects around the house and family members can video chat in with clues - costumes optional but highly recommended. Your grandson isn't going to remember that you bought him another Lego set for the holidays that one year, but he will remember that you dressed up like a Ninja Turtle and led him on a virtual hunt to find his very own prize! 

Throw a Virtual Family History Trivia Night

Video chatting is a great way to catch up - but it can feel difficult when you have a huge group of people online all trying to talk at once. Organizing a trivia game is a great way to ensure conversation flows smoothly and everyone gets a turn to talk. Cater the trivia questions to inside family jokes, memories from past holidays and important family history. You'll have a blast reminiscing about the turkey that Aunt Jane burnt to a crisp, the unmentionable present that landed in the wrong hands and the special memories you share of great grandparents. Adults can pickup some eggnog and take a sip when they fumble on a question. Trivia Maker is a great option for an easy online trivia maker that you can share during a video call. 

Escape to a Romantic Retreat

One of the best parts about seeing family on the holidays is traveling, especially as a couple or a family with children. I can recall so many road trips to grandma's house - some of my most precious and priceless memories being the hilarity that ensues after spending hours in the car. There's something about a change of scenery that helps you store memories in a special part of your heart. That magic is alive and well this year - and all you need to do is plan an escape to a romantic retreat for the holidays. Picture a snowy cabin in the woods at Mt Hood - complete with a cozy fireplace and gorgeous views. Holidays here will conjure up memories of hot cocoa, family game nights and snowball fights for years to come. 

Find a Romantic Retreat

Enjoy Each Other's Travels Virtually

Your choice to escape to a vacation cabin won't prevent you from making memories with your brothers, sisters, parents or extended family either. Create all of those virtual activities you just read about and enjoy your mountain escape. Your family might also love a tour of your Mt Hood cabin. Just earlier this year I was disappointed that my aunts and uncles couldn't attend my wedding-turned-elopement at a gorgeous vacation home... so my mom gave them all the virtual tour instead. Being able to see what your family is doing and experiencing through your own eyes in real time is a great way to keep the conversation going - and it feels more authentic then the edited version of ourselves that we so often post on social media. 

Plan Your Mt Hood Getaway

We hope your holiday season is filled with magical moments and cheer no matter the location and with whomever you celebrate. We've got just what you're looking for if a cozy cabin at Mt Hood sounds like it might make your holiday brighter. Browse our rentals today and start planning your holiday apart but together.

Mt Hood Rentals

Holidays At Mt Hood

Our Favorite Mt Hood Winter Activities
Posted by Tiffany Quillan | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Every year, the first snow at Mt Hood brings a sense of excitement that seems to buzz through the crisp air. Favorite sweaters are pulled from the backs of closets, hot cocoa graces our mugs and cabins are lit by the cheery glow of dancing fireplaces. It's the season that celebrates our lap around the sun, and we must admit that we're feeling like 2020 deserves a big (comfortably distanced) celebration for our resilience. 

There is always a great variety of fun activities to take part in each winter at Mt Hood. Our usual suspects made the list of things to do at Mt Hood in the winter, and we've promoted some lesser known activities for providing comfortably distanced fun. We hope you enjoy this winter season and find some time to celebrate our collective strength through what has been a very different year.

Pro Tip: Mt Hood is a very popular weekend destination. Consider planning a mid-week trip to enjoy smaller crowds, more space, and better rates on vacation rentals

Things to do at Mt Hood in the Winter

#1 - Snow Play at Mt Hood

While snow play at Mt Hood is popular every year, it's getting some special recognition this year since it lends to comfortably distancing. Snow play includes some of our absolute favorite winter activities, like cross country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. Our area is home to 22 sno-parks, and accessing them is easy! Please note that our Sno-Parks have a small fee for parking, and you can purchase a Sno-Park Permit for a single day, three consecutive days or an annual permit through Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. Plus, there's no need to haul your own gear to Mt Hood - get all the details on renting equipment for winter sports in our guide.

Suggested Cross County Skiing Trails at Mt Hood

  • Bennett Pass (5.1 miles - moderate out-and-back ski trail with thrills when crossing the "Terrible Traverse")
  • Tea Cup Lake Nordic Center (12 miles of groomed trails - known as some of the best cross country skiing; note: no dogs or snowshoes permitted)
  • Yellowjacket Trail Area (5 miles - for expert skiers, crosses the Salmon River)
  • Mt Hood Meadows Nordic Center (9 miles of groomed trails - beautiful views of the woods and meadows; note: no dogs or snowshoes permitted)
  • Crosstown Trail (5.6 miles - parallels the village of Government Camp on the north side from Enid Lake to Summit Ski Hill; several other trails intersect with the Crosstown Trail)
  • Barlow Pass, Twin Lakes and Frog Lake (20+ miles, ski as little or as much as you have energy to do, starting at Barlow Pass Sno-Park or Frog Lake Sno-Park)

Suggested Snowshoeing Trails at Mt Hood

  • Pocket Creek (6 miles - gently rolling track on forest roads with wide open views, forests and creek crossings)
  • White River Trail (3.4 miles - beautiful views of Mt Hood, regularly trafficked, however there is lots of room to spread out)
  • Summit Trail (4 miles - nice views of Mt Hood and relatively unobstructed the whole time)
  • Skiway Trail (1.2 miles out and back, however this trail connects with several other trails for up to 10 or more miles of adventuring)
  • Lower & Upper Twin Lakes via PCT (5.7 miles - the lower lake sees less traffic)
  • Frog Lake Butte (6 miles - excellent views of Mt Hood and a more difficult trail)

Check out the full list of places to cross-country ski and snowshoe at Mt Hood.

#2 - Sledding, Tubing and Snow Play

If you think sledding, tubing and building a snowman are just for the kiddos we invite you to think again. You can (and should) enjoy these activities at every age. Sliding down a fluffy hill in an inner tube will put the biggest smile on your face, and we won't blame you if there are a few snowballs thrown in the mix. These are all great activities for social distancing since you can bring your own sled or use the same tube. Remember to respect the snow play areas and haul out what you haul in (especially your sleds)!

Sledding and Tubing Hills at Mt Hood

  • Cosmic Tubing (tube hill at Mt Hood Skibowl with lights, music and themed innertubes; pre-paid advanced reservations required this season)
  • White River West Sno-Park (bring your own sleds and innertubes; large parking lot and lots of wide open spaces for sledding and tubing)
  • Snow Bunny Sno-Park (bring your own sleds and innertubes; hike up and slide down)
  • Cooper Spur (tube hill at the small ski area on the north side of Mt Hood; tubes are included with ticket price)

#3 - Skiing & Snowboarding

With five different skiing and snowboarding areas, it's no wonder that Mt Hood is adored for its downhill action. Our ski areas are taking extra COVID-specific precautions in alignment with the National Ski Areas Association's Ski Well, Be Well Program this year. While our ski areas are still finalizing plans, it's important to note that most are leaning towards a reservation system with limited capacity. Please be sure to check the ski area websites before you plan your trip, so that you are prepared with alternative activities to keep the whole family entertained. 

#4 - Climbing Mt Hood in the Winter

For the very adventurous (and experienced) climbing Mt Hood in the winter is possible. There is a lot of gear required - and you need to be certain the conditions are favorable - but it's a big accomplishment. In order to climb Mt Hood in the winter you should have adequate gear, like an ice axe, crampons, ropes and avalanche rescue gear. You should be very experienced at alpine mountaineering and path finding. 

#5 - Indoor Fun at Mt Hood

Find the right cabin and you won't be disappointed with your options for indoor fun at Mt Hood this winter. Choose a cabin with a fireplace to play board games by, or just cozy up with a glass of wine and a good book. Test your skills in the kitchen and plan a mini soup-off competition with the family. Stay in a lodge with a hot tub and dare the kids to make a snow angel before hopping in to warm up. Make snow cones for an after-dinner treat or build a family of snowmen. 

Driving to Mt Hood in the Winter

There is something mystical about driving through Mt Hood in the winter - tall trees are covered in blankets of fluffy snow that seems to sparkle in the sunlight. While beautiful, it should not be forgotten that these are mountain roads which you need to be prepared for. You'll want four wheel drive or all wheel drive and snow chains or snow tires. You'll also want to bring an emergency kit with all the essentials just in case you get stuck. Be sure to pack blankets, extra food and water, a snow shovel and a snow scraper. You can learn more about winter driving conditions at Mt Hood and more about Mt Hood during the winter in general in our winter guide.

Mt Hood Winter Cabin Rentals

Mt Hood offers a beautiful selection of cabin rentals to call basecamp while you're here. This winter, more than ever, it's important to find a cozy rental with all the amenities you'll need for an extended stay. Our cabin rentals have amenities like fireplaces, hot tubs, gorgeous views and full kitchens. Most are pet-friendly, so your canine family member can join you for your winter vacation. In fact, each of our cabin rentals includes a crockpot so you can come home to a warm meal after a day of snow play. Browse our cabin rentals and start planning your winter trip to Mt Hood today!

Mt Hood Winter Cabin Rentals

Best Of Mt Hood Mt Hood Vacation Planning

Mt Hood Rentals for Remote Work and School
Posted by Betsy LaBarge | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What is the one positive thing that many of us can enjoy in our current situation? Working and attending classes remotely from beautiful places! Many of us have been given the opportunity to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Our 40 minute commute has become a five minute stumble from the bed to the computer, PJ's welcome. And we don't have to work from the same four walls we live in... we can drive to a vacation cabin and spend our free time exploring a new area. And the kids can do their virtual school work from the cabin, too.

Working Remotely from Mt Hood, Oregon

Mt Hood, Oregon is an excellent place to escape to because you can enjoy a huge variety of outdoor activities that are comfortably distanced. Imagine going for a morning hike before catching your 10am conference call, or ending the day with a mountain bike ride through extraordinary fall colors. It's a great way to shake up your work day and prevent the very dreaded burnout we all feel now that many group activities and social plans have been postponed. 

Internet Speeds at Mt Hood Vacation Cabins

One important consideration to nail down before you plan your trip is what type of experience you are looking for. Do you have a full schedule of meetings that you need to attend? Does your job require you to be on call all the time? Are there mulitiple family members who all need to be online at the same time? If so, you will want a Mt Hood cabin with reliable, high-speed internet. On the flip side, maybe working remotely for you means finding a space where you can concentrate distraction free. We have cabins with slower internet speeds too, so the distractions of social media and the news don't pull you too far away from your work. We've created this easy guide to vacation cabin internet speeds so that you can make the right choice for your upcoming trip. 

Mt Hood Rentals with High Speed Internet (100 Mbps+ Download)

There's nothing more frustrating than hopping on a business call and realizing you sound like a robot to the person on the other end. It's unprofessional and can lead to a lot of stress - worst of all there is usually almost nothing you can do about it. If you've got multiple people working remotely (or attending classes virtually) while traveling, you'll want to ensure the internet at the cabin you're renting can do the job. We conduct speed tests at all of our Mt Hood cabins so you can rest assured that your meeting will go on without a hitch. Here are some of our vacation cabins with the fastest internet speeds:

Our Featured Property: Sandy River Retreat

Sandy River Retreat: This four bedroom vacation cabin sleeps up to eight people. Enjoy expansive views of the Sandy River, a pond with a waterfall, a wood burning fireplace and much more. This vacation cabin clocked in at 213.1 Mbps download last time we tested it. 

Book Sandy River Retreat Now

More Mt Hood Cabins with High Speed Internet

Mt Hood Rentals with Distraction Free Internet Speeds (Under 20 Mbps Download)

These vacation cabins are for our authors, our philosophers, and all those who just need the temptation of social media and the internet kept at a safe distance. These Mt Hood vacation cabins all have slower internet speeds. You'll still be able to access the internet when needed, but you won't be tempted to binge-stream the latest season of New Girl or The Umbrella Academy. And you may find it easier to step outside and enjoy the nature surrounding you at Mt Hood.

Our Featured Property: Cedar Springs Cabin

Cedar Springs Cabin: This two bedroom vacation cabin sleeps up to six people. Enjoy a private hot tub, fireplace, BBQ, and patio at Cedar Springs Cabin. This custom built cabin clocked in at 1.3 Mbps download last time we tested it. 

Book Cedar Springs Cabin Now

More Mt Hood Cabins with Distraction Fee Internet Speeds

Mt Hood Rentals with Medium Internet Speeds (21-100 Mbps Download)

These vacation cabins are for those who want a little bit of everything. 

Our Featured Property: Bear Den Log Cabin

Bear Den Log Cabin: This two bedroom vacation cabin sleeps up to six people. You'll love staying alongside Billy Creek and taking in the views from the expansive deck. This classic log cabin clocked in at 55.8 Mbps download last time we tested it. 

Book Bear Den Log Cabin Now

More Mt Hood Cabins with Medium Internet Speeds

Plan Your Remote Mt Hood, Oregon Escape

Start planning your remote work or school vacation with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. We offer over 35 vacation cabins with amenities like private hot tubs and riverfront settings.

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Mt Hood Vacation Planning

Oregon Fall Vacation Trip Planning Guide
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Friday, August 21, 2020

Fall in Oregon is absolutely magical. Temperatures begin to cool a little and leaves start to change colors, offering spectacular conditions for hiking and mountain biking. Crowds are subsiding from attractions and trails as kids make their way back to school. Apples and pears are ripe for picking and something in the air seems to whisper "warm chili and cozy fireplaces"! As locals at Mt Hood in Oregon, we've experienced many memorable Oregon falls, and we'd like to share some of our favorite tips and tricks with you.

Planning The Ultimate Oregon Fall Vacation

Get a Great Deal on a Fall Vacation Rental

One of the reasons we love Oregon fall vacations so much is because the price is right! Families are heading back home for the school year which means more vacation rental availability and lower prices. Imagine spending the day leaf-peeping and then coming home to a private cabin that you only paid $125 a night for. Choose a cabin below your budgeted price and then spend that extra money on activities or a special meal, or stay in a cabin with all the bells and whistles that you normally wouldn't splurge on. Whatever you choose, be sure to book directly through a vacation rental manager's website like ours, that way you don't have to pay the extra fees associated with big vacation rental listing sites.

Find Great Deals in Fall Vacation Cabins

Make Your Must-Do Activity Checklist Ahead of Time

With smaller crowds, crisper air and vibrant colors, fall is easily one of the most relaxing times to take an Oregon vacation. It's so relaxing that you might find yourself opting for a book on the deck of your vacation cabin instead of going for a mountain bike ride. While we're 100% on board with the relaxation, we would be remiss if we didn't tell you to make time for a short hike or a trip to the Hood River County Fruit Loop. Check out our recommendations for fun fall activities and put one or two on your must-do checklist for the complete Oregon experience.

Fun Fall Activities

Pack & Wear Layers for Fall Weather

No matter what the weather forecast says, you'll want to pack a good assortment of clothing for your trip. The temperature in Oregon can feel really different from the actual temperature, and your surroundings and elevation will also affect that. If you go on a hike, you may be warm at lower elevations and cold at higher elevations. If you decide to leave your cabin for an adventure, be sure to bring a jacket even if it feels warm out. And while the sun in the sky during the day will be warm, the nights cool down during the fall.

Come Home to a Crockpot Meal

Oregon is truly an adventure state, so there will surely be a day or two where you get back to your vacation rental later than planned with a big appetite. On those days, there's nothing like a crockpot meal waiting at home to keep you going. All of our vacation rentals come with crockpots, so all you need is a quick recipe and the ingredients. If you don't have time to get the crock pot going in the morning then cook up one of these cozy and quick comfort dishes instead.

Start Planning Your Fall Trip to Oregon

Vibrant fall colors, ample opportunity for outdoor adventure and cozy cabins... sounds like the makings for a perfect vacation. Start planning your trip to Oregon today by finding the perfect vacation cabin. We offer homes with fireplaces and cabins with hot tubs too. You can even bring Fido along in one of our pet friendly rentals.

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Mt Hood Vacation Planning

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