4 Fun Fall Things To Do at Mt Hood
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fall is one of our favorite seasons around Mt Hood. The weather is still sunny, but not too hot with crisp, cool nights and ever-changing gold and red colors on the big leaf maples, vine maples, alders and cottonwoods surrounded by the deep greens of the Douglas fir and cedar trees. And because this is Mt Hood Vacation Rentals Quiet Season, the rates are reduced, especially when you stay midweek. 

Vibrant Fall Colors + Crisp, Cool Days + Quiet Walks in the Woods = A Restful Fall Vacation at Mt Hood 


Fall is the best time for hiking. The trails are less crowded and the fall colors on the trees are vibrant making for an eye-popping scenic adventure. Some of our favorite trails are: 

Little Zigzag River Trail: A short 1.2 mile out and back hike that is easily accessed by most people including small children and less-abled walkers alike 

Old Salmon River Trail: A relatively flat trail that follows the Salmon River for 5 miles total, out and back. Or you can hike the Salmon River Trail (trailhead is at the bridge) for up to 9 miles one-way! 

Trillium Lake: Not only will you see a spectacular view of Mt Hood at the lake, but you will also see lots of fall colors. You can hike, run or bike around the lake on forest roads or hike the 1.9 mile trail that goes around a portion of the lake. 

Castle Canyon Trail: This 2.2 mile out and back hike is rated moderate, but feels difficult and is not for the less fit, however it you want to get a workout and spectacular pinnacle views, this is a must-do hike. Watch for chantrelles along the trail, too. 

Timberline Trail and Pacific Crest Trail from Timberline Lodge: These two trails are popular for summer hiking and should be considered for fall hiking before the snow falls. You can do as little or as much as you like from Timberline Lodge with amazing views of Mt Hood. Then head into the lodge for a snack and hot beverage. 

Check out all of the hiking trails in the Mt Hood National Forest. For trails near your Mt Hood Vacation Rental, we are surrounded by the Zigzag Ranger District. 

Salmon Spawning

Salmon will be spawning in the rivers around the Villages of Mt Hood during the fall. The exact timing is different every year based on weather (rainfall and temperatures), but once they arrive to spawn, the show lasts for a few weeks. The salmon run is when the salmon swim upstream from the ocean back to the rivers to lay eggs for the next year's new fish. In our case, the salmon have a long trip from the Pacific Ocean up the Columbia River to the Sandy River, then on up to the Salmon River and other tributaries like Still Creek. After this arduous and tiring trip, the eggs are laid and fertilized, then the salmon die. When the salmon eggs develop into new fish, these fish will eventually swim back to the ocean, only to return to the same river they were born in to spawn and then die just as their parents did. The aptly named Salmon River is the best place to see the salmon spawning, but check out this video of salmon in Still Creek from a few years ago. 

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Fresh apple pie from Hood River apples

Just a short drive to the east side of Mt Hood, you can visit the Hood River County Fruit Loop when vacationing at Mt Hood. Fall is apple and pear season in the Hood River Valley and their are many farm stands open with freshly picked apples and pears of multiple varieties as well as fresh-pressed apple cider. They will also be selling pumpkins and other squash and late season vegetables just harvested from their farms. Bring the apples back to your vacation rental and make an apple pie with the kids (all of our vacation rentals include pie pans). Our favorite recipe is Martha Stewart's Mile-High Apple Pie. Of course, you an buy a pre-made pie crust and just make the filling to make things easier. The adults may want to do a little wine tasting at one of several wineries in the Hood River region as well. 

Take a Relaxing Soak in the Private Hot Tub

Creekside hot tub at Moondance Cabin

As the nighttime air chills down during the fall, the warm and bubbly private hot tub at your vacation rental becomes more inviting. Soothe tired muscles and share stories of the day's adventures while planning where you want to go next. 

Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals

Zigzag Mountain Lodge in the fall at Mt Hood

The best part about visiting Mt Hood during the fall is that it is our Quiet Season, so there are less crowded trails, restaurants and stores and less traffic on the roads plus you can stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental at reduced rates especially midweek. When is your trip? For friendly, personalized assistance in finding the best vacation rental to meet and exceed your expectations, call a Vacation Planner at 888-424-9168. 


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Where to See Mt Hood Fall Colors
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mt Hood is renowned for year-round skiing and snowboarding, and countless miles of hiking and biking trails. Most people visit during the winter and summer months to enjoy these activities. What these folks are missing out on only happens in the fall, and it is such a spectacular occurrence we want to share it with our Mt Hood Vacation Rental guests…the brilliant fall foliage!
As the seasons transition from summer to autumn, the days get shorter and leaves change from green to the many colors of fall—gold, amber, red, orange and even pink. Once winter is in full swing, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis, and the leaves dry up and fall to the ground. The trees will rest, and live off the food they stored during the summer.
So where and when can you see this spectacular phenomenon while it's in full swing? We've got all the details right here in our guide to Mt Hood Fall Colors!
Photo courtesy of Gary Randall Photography

When to See Mt Hood Fall Colors

Throughout Oregon, mid- to late-October tend to be the best time to view fall foilage. However, prime fall color viewing varies each year depending on the weather and what nutrients the trees had all year. The Mt Hood area can entertain bright bursts of fall foilage as late as mid-November. If you're planning a fall color trip, late October is a great choice!

Where to See Mt Hood Fall Colors

Mt Hood Fall Color Hikes

One of the best ways to see fall colors, especially if you're looking to snap some pics, is by hiking. Bring a jacket and pack your camera and some snacks, here are three places to hike and see the brilliant fall foilage. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready for a stunning gorgeous retreat into nature!

#1 - Mt Hood National Forest

Besides evergreens, the Mt Hood National Forest is full of vine maples, oak, huckleberry and Oregon grapes shrubs with colors that strike a remarkable contrast to the dark greens of Douglas fir and hemlock in the fall. Vine maples, in particular, show off the brightest and most diverse color spectrum, from deep dark red to the most vivid yellow.

#2 - Hunchback Mountain

For a magnificent, sweeping view of the Welches Valley and the abundant autumn colors of the Mt Hood National Forest, hike up Hunchback Mountain, accessible from the Zigzag Ranger Station. While it is a somewhat strenuous hike up (an hour each way), you will be well-rewarded with sweeping views of the colorful valley and the Salmon River below once you reach the top.

#3 - Old Salmon River Trail

For a more relaxed experience, meander along the Old Salmon River Trail and watch as the fall leaves float peacefully into and down the Salmon River while the salmon are spawning. The 5-mile out-and-back style trail is family friendly and marked as easy in difficulty level. This would be the perfect trip for a leisurely stroll to enjoy the fall foliage. 

Mt Hood Fall Color Cruises

To experience Mt Hood’s fall foliage from the comforts of your car, cruise along the Mt Hood Scenic Byway and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway, which join to create a breathtaking loop around Mt Hood. Fall colors are particularly glorious through Hood River Valley, on Highway 35 between Government Camp and Hood River as you drive from forest to field.

Take breaks along the Hood River County Fruit Loop at the many orchards and wineries that dot the beautiful landscape, and watch apple, pear and grape harvest in full swing before tasting the fruits of the farms’ labors. Apples, pears, cider and other fall harvest fruits and vegetables are available for sale at many locations.

Photo courtesy of Gary Randall Photography

Plan Your Fall Getaway to Colorful Mt Hood

If the idea of cozy fireplaces, apple cider, brilliant fall colors and relaxation have you smiling, it's time to pack your bags and head to Mt Hood. Check out our guide to fall trip planning and four fun things to do in the fall at Mt Hood. We offer a great selection of cabins that are perfect for your next adventure. Book a romantic retreat cabin with your loved one, or choose a pet friendly cabin so your furry friend can join you. 

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The Best 7 Cabins for Mt Hood Hiking Vacations
Posted by Betsy LaBarge | Saturday, June 19, 2021

Summer is our favorite time to hit the trails and go for a hike in the Mt Hood National Forest with long, warm and sunny days. Start your hike early and you will still have time to enjoy other activities like biking, paddling and golfing. Or take a refreshing dip in one of our mountain lakes. Getting a late start? No worries, the days are long, allowing for an afternoon hike, too.

Whether you like a casual stroll along a quiet path or you are looking for a multi-mile cardio workout, there are hundreds of miles of trails in the Mt Hood area for you to discover. And there is no need to hop in your car and make the long drive back to the city after a day of exploring in the woods. Instead, head back to your Mt Hood cabin just minutes away and enjoy a refreshing beverage and snacks, cook up a grilled dinner on the BBQ and kick back and relax with a soak in the hot tub.

Most of our vacation rentals are pet-friendly, so bring your dog along on your Mt Hood vacation and take him hiking with you.

Here our some of our favorite Mt Hood Vacation Rentals for hiking vacations.

The Best 7 Cabins for Mt Hood Hiking Vacations at a Glance

  1. Ripplewood in Welches
  2. Mountain View Hideaway in Zigzag
  3. Marshall Cabin in Government Camp
  4. Bridlewood Cabin in Welches
  5. Chalet am Berg in Government Camp
  6. Forest View Lodge in Welches
  7. Zigzag Mountain Lodge in Zigzag

1. Ripplewood Cabin, Serene and relaxing cabin on the Salmon River, decks, BBQ, hot tub, pet friendly, sleeps 6. Walk 2 minutes to the Bonanza Trailhead.

Ripplewood Deck, Hot tub, BBQ

2. Mountain View Hideaway, Secluded cabin, decks, BBQ, hot tub, pet-friendly, sleeps 8. A short drive to dozens of trails in the Lolo Pass area including the Pacific Crest Trail.

Mountain View Hideaway

3. Marshall Cabin, Cozy cabin surrunded by the Mt Hood National Forest, decks, BBQ, pet-friendly, sleeps 8. Walk out the door to miles of forest roads and nearby trails in the Trillium Lake area.

Marshall Cabin

4. Bridlewood Cabin, Romantic cabin with a sunny yard, decks, BBQ, pet-friendly, sleeps 3. Across the road from Wildwood Recreation Site with Salmon River Access and miles of trails.

Bridlewood Cabin Deck

5. Chalet am Berg, Spacious lodge with 3 en suite bedrooms in Government Camp, patio, BBQ, hot tub, pet-friendly, sleeps 10. 2-Minute walk to the the Glade Trail and Crosstown Trail.

Chalet am Berg Hot Tub

6. Forest View Lodge, Secluded log cabin on acreage, decks, BBQ, hot tub, pet-friendly, sleeps 9. 5-Minute drive to the Old Salmon River Trail and for the more adventurous, the Salmon River Trail.

Forest View Lodge

7. Zigzag Mountain Lodge in a sunny setting, decks, BBQ, hot tub, pet-friendly. 5 minutes to the Road 19 Trail for joggers and dog walkers and access to the Zigzag Mountain Trail and Castle Canyon Trail.

Zigzag Mountain Lodge

Plan Your Mt Hood Vacation Hiking Vacation

From hiking in the Mount Hood National Forest or in Wildwood Park followed by a picnic or going on a casual stroll at the family-friendly Barlow Wayside Park, you are sure to find the perfect trail for you and your friends and family during your Mt Hood Vacation. Start planning your getaway now by reserving a Mt Hood Vacation Rental. 

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Best Places to Stay Near Mt Hood Oregon
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Monday, June 7, 2021

When I close my eyes and picture Mt Hood, I think of backyard BBQs with corn on the cob and frosty drinks, fall hikes with brilliant foliage, and winter adventures followed by cozy gatherings around a fireplace. It seems that no matter how many times you have visited the area, there is always a new adventure awaiting - a new village to explore. Romantic cabins line the roads that kiss Mt Hood, and the memories we make here are held near to our hearts. Whether you're a first-time visitor or you're on a mission to turn over every leaf in the area, here are our picks for the best places to stay near Mt Hood, Oregon.

Best Places to Stay Near Mt Hood Oregon at a Glance

  1. Welches
  2. Zigzag
  3. Brightwood
  4. Government Camp
  5. Rhododendron

Best Places to Stay Near Mt Hood Oregon Details

#1 - Welches

Welches is snuggled between Mt Hood Village and Zigzag, encompassing the Three Nines Golf Course. It extends South of U.S. Highway 26, following the Salmon River and E Salmon River Road. It's the perfect village to score a riverside cabin surrounded by tall trees or a secluded cabin for maximum relaxation. It's proximity to U.S. Highway 26 also offers easy access to a great selection of restaurants and grocery stores, like Barlow Trail Roadhouse and Hoodland Thriftway.

If Welches sounds like the escape you're been pining for, check out these beautiful vacation homes:

#2 - Zigzag

Zigzag is an unincorporated community between Welches and Rhododendron. The Zigzag River and Sandy River weave throughout the area, and lush greenery surrounds homes and cabins. Several creeks with origins in the hillsides meander throughout the area, and Zigzag hums with the relaxing sound of running water. Visitors can grab comfort food at the Zigzag Inn, or stop by the Zigzag Mountain Store & Cafe for breakfast in a restored historic building. The Skyway Bar and Grill is home to the most amazing BBQ and mac and cheese, and offers live music four to five nights a week at their huge outdoor garden and dining area.

If Zigzag sounds like the escape you're been pining for, check out these beautiful vacation homes:

#3 - Brightwood

Riverwoods Lodge

Brightwood is situated between Wemme and Sandy, and is part of the Villages at Mt Hood. Brightwood gets its name from the way the sun shines on the cottonwood trees in the spring. Just north of U.S. Highway 26, the Sandy River and the Salmon River loop through town, chilled from fresh snowmelt. Visitors can enjoy the Sandy Ridge Trail System, with miles of mountain biking and hiking trails. After a full day of adventure, unwind with dinner and drinks in the historic log building of Brightwood Tavern.

If Brightwood sounds like the escape you're been pining for, check out these beautiful vacation homes:

#4 - Government Camp

Government Camp is Mt Hood's Alpine Village, with out-the-door access to trails and skiing. Many sports enthusiats come here to train in the winter, and the scenery is breathtaking. Government Camp is just across Mt Hood Highway from Mt Hood Skibowl East, and just down the road from skiing and cosmic tubing at the Mt Hood Skibowl. Charlie's Mountain View restaurant is an absolute favorite for apres-ski and the Mt Hood Cultural Center and Museum offers the perfect break from the sun. 

If Government Camp sounds like the escape you're been pining for, check out these beautiful vacation homes:

#5 - Rhododendron

Rhododendron is just past Welches, and before the Mt Hood Ski Bowl. Several creeks and rivers cross through the area, including Henry Creek, the Still Creek and Zigzag River. Hikers love Rhododendron, with quick access to Pioneer Brindle Trailhead, Flag Mountain Trailhead and Castle Canyon Trailhead. The Oregon Trail 1845 Historic Marker is in the center of town, and visitors enjoy great eats at the Still Creek Inn and Mountain High Coffee.

If Rhododendron sounds like the escape you're been pining for, check out these beautiful vacation homes:

Plan Your Mt Hood Vacation Today

Planning a Mt Hood escape is a breeze with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. We offer a great selection of cabins throughout the Mt Hood area, and pet friendly lodging means that your dog can come too!

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How to Do Summer at Mt Hood
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Sunday, June 6, 2021

There is Something for Everyone at Mt Hood During the Summer...

That is if you like spending time outside.

If you have visited during the winter months, you might think that Mt Hood is a winter snow sport destination only. However, summer is just as popular of a season to visit Mt Hood. Because the elevations thruoghout the Villages of Mt Hood (Brightwood, Welches, Zigzag, Rhododendron, Government Camp and on up to Timberline) range from about 1200 ft to 6000 ft and we are surrounded by tall evergreen trees and flowing rivers originating from Mt Hood snowmelt, the weather is perfect at Mt Hood when it is too hot in the city. As a matter of fact, most summers we do not get out of the 80's during the daytime and you might even want a sweater some nights.

There is alot to do here, too, however you will not find movie theaters, bowling alleys or nightclubs in our villages. You will find all kinds of fun activities to do outside, good food and drinks at more than 50 eateries and great live music of all genres for all ages at the bars as well as outdoor venues.

Mt Hood is also popular for romantic retreats. Many of our cabins have played a part in engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries. Family reunions are fun, too with all of the activities for adults and kids to enjoy.







What better way to cool down on a sunny summer day than to visit the lake. There are 5 lakes nearby Mt Hood Vacation Rentals: Trillium Lake is just 3 miles east of Government Camp, Lost Lake is about 15 miles up Lolo Pass Road, Frog Lake is 5 miles past Trillium Lake and Timothy Lake is another 12 miles southeast of Frog Lake. (There are actually more than 150 lakes and 14 wild and scenic rivers throughout the Mt Hood National Forest.) Mirror Lake is just off the highway, 1 mile west of Government Camp.

Trillium Lake is perfect for swimming because only non-motorized boats are permitted. Being a smaller lake, the water is warmer, too. You can fish, canoe, kayak and paddle board at Trillium Lake. There are also several trails for all abiliites for hiking, running and biking around the lake, too.

Trillium Lake

Frog Lake is named for the frogs that live in the trees near the lake (they are actually Western Mountain Toads). During the early summer, you will find lots of tadpoles swimming in the shallow areas of the lake and by mid-July, they will be toads. There are several trails you can access from the Frog Lake parking area including the Twin Lakes Trail.

Frog Lake and Mt Hood

Timothy Lake is the one of the few lakes that allows motorized boating (10 MPH speed limit) making it easier to explore the entire lake or to go fishing. There is a 13-mile trail around the lake that is open to hikers and horses and most of the trail is also open for mountain bikers.

Timothy Lake

Lost Lake is the most difficult to get to requiring some gravel road driving, but the views are well-worth the drive with some of the best Mt Hood views in the area. You can fish, canoe, kayak, paddle-board and hike at Lost Lake. Boat rentals are available at the lake, too.

Lost Lake and Mt Hood

Mirror Lake is just off the highway near Government Camp. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the area, so you will want to hit it early. The good news is that the Forest Service is building a new parking lot and trailhead to ease the congestion.

Mirror Lake and Mt Hood

If you are flying in or did not bring boats with you, you can rent kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards from Mt Hood Adventure in Government Camp. They will even meet you at the lake with the boats and pick them up when you are finished boating.



Fresh, local produce and flowers, meats and hand-crafted works from local artisans plus live music are at two local farmers' markets this summer. The Mount Hood Farmers' Market in Sandy is a non-profit fund raiser for The Ant Farm, a non-profit with a mission to "create and connect a healthy, purposeful, and compassionate community by providing life-changing learning experiences for youth".

The Hoodland Farmers' Market is in their 4th year and will be held on Sundays at the Rendezvous Center in Welches. The market will have elements of change each week inlcuding Certified Naturally Grown produce, meat, eggs, flowers, preserved/pickled foods, herbs, herbal products and information about Nutrition and self care.



Mountain bikers flock to Mt Hood every summer for recreational and competitive riding on several trails in the area. When the snow melts at Mt Hood Skibowl, the Mountain Bike Park opens. Ride the chairlift up the hill with your bike and ride more than 40 miles of trails. Or you can ride one of the Mt Hood National Forest trails including the Pioneer Bridle Trail or the Timberline to Town Trail. You can ride the Mt Hood Express Shuttle which is equipped with a multi-bike trailer up to Timbelrine at 6000 feet, then ride all the way back to the lower villages at 1200 feet for just $2/person. The now world-famous Sandy Ridge Trails are in Brightwood and just minutes from several Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. And next summer the new mountain bike trail park will be open at Timberline Ski Area.

Mountain Bikers at Mt Hood

If you didn't bring your bike with you or you just want to ride for a day, there are several options for renting mountain bikes including Mt Hood Bicycle, Mountain Sports, Hurricane Racing and Mt Hood Adventure.


Trout fishing and fly fishing are popular year-round at Mt Hood. Kids and adults alike can fish for trout at the lakes around the Mt Hood National Forest, including free youth fishing clinics in June and again in September. Fly fishing for salmon and steelhead is world-class at Mt Hood on one of 3 rivers, the Salmon, Zigzag and Sandy. The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches offers all the gear you need for fly fishing as well as expert guides who know all the sweet spots and can provide tips and tricks. There are Fly Fishing Schools available which are held several days throughout the summer.

Trout Fishing at Mt Hood




Hiking is the second most popular reason our guests give for visiting Mt Hood during the summer. The Villages of Mt Hood (Government Camp, Rhododendron, Zigzag, Welches and Brightwood) are surrounded by the Mt Hood National Forest which is comprised of 1700 square miles that includes 1000's of miles of hiking on 320+ trails. Mt Hood Vacation Rentals' cabins and lodges are surrounded by the Zigzag Ranger District, which boasts more than 100 trails. One of the most popular trails for families and people with limited mobility or who just want to take it easy is the Little Zigzag Falls Trail, a wide out and back 1/2 mile trail that flows gently uphill along the Little Zigzag River to the falls. For the more ambitious hikers, two of the best known and iconic trails are the Timberline Trail which circumnavigates Mt Hood at treeline for 41 miles and the Pacific Crest Trail with 130 miles located in the Mt Hood National Forest, passing right by Timberline Lodge and the summit of Lolo Pass Rd. Both of these trails have several access points for shorter day hikes. For more hiking trails, here is the list of all the trails in the Zigzag Ranger District.

Hiking at Mt Hood







And the number one reason our guests give for vacationing at Mt Hood is to relax. With vacation homes surrounded by the national forest, tall evergreen trees and colorful decidious trees, nestled next to rivers, creeks and streams and with awesome views, it is easy to just kick back and rejuvenate when you visit Mt Hood. Most Mt Hood Vacation Rentals are in secluded or semi-secluded settings with creeks and rivers flowing nearby, creating a relaxing ambiance for your retreat. 

If your family dog travels with you on your vacations, we have you covered with more the majority of our vacation homes being dog-friendly. Your pooch will love his Mt Hood vacation with so many lakes and rivers to swim in, trails to run on and back decks to nap on.

Dogs Hiking at Mt Hood

We also provide fully-equipped kitchens with all appliances (stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwashwer, microwave, coffee maker and toaster) with an extensive supply of pots, pans, dishes and utensils, so you can easily prepare a favorite meal with friends and family. Of course if you decide to leave the cooking to someone else and eat out, we have more than 50 restaurants, bars, taverns and cafes to choose from starting in Brightwood and moving all the way up and around the mountain to Mt Hood Meadows ski area.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Besides serving great food and drinks, all in casual settings (no dress up required at Mt Hood - come as you are), several locales also offer up free live music. The Skyway Bar and Grill is known for their house-smoked BBQ and mac-n-cheese and the fun outside atmosphere with a firepit and eclectic art and they are also known for the free live music 5 nights a week (usually played outside during the summer). Thursday is Open Mic night for all ages until 10 PM, continuing on until closing time; Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for more lively party and dance music starting at 9 PM, with more casual tunes presented on Sunday nights at 7 PM and rounding out the week, you can enjoy listening to local musicians playing on Monday nights.

On Wednesdays, from 3 PM - 5 PM during July and August, you can catch folk and Americana music at Timberline Lodge on the back patio with stunning views of Mt Hood. The Labor Day Mountain Music Festival at Timberline is held outside on the amphitheatre featuring a dynamic selection of some of the finest young string bands currently recording and touring the folk, bluegrass, and roots music scene. Admission is free to the Timberline Labor Day Mountain Music festival. And you can bring an instrument to join in the jams led by the Taborgrass Players on “Pickin’ Patio".

For more information and ideas about fun things to do while visiting Mt Hood, visit our Mt Hood Concierge page or call us; we are happy to share more ideas for your summer fun.

To find the perfect Mt Hood Vacation Rental for your summer vacation, call one of our Vacation Planners at 888-424-9168 or Book Online.

Mt Hood Vacation Planning

6 Top Things To Do With Your Dog at Mt Hood
Posted by Tiffany Quillan | Saturday, June 5, 2021

If you're a dog-person, you know the amount of work that can go into planning a pet-friendly vacation. You need to find lodging that your dog will be comfortable in, and you also need to plan activities so that your pup isn't just sitting at the rental all day. Your furry friend is part of your family, and as a good dog mom or dad you want them to be involved in the fun as much as possible. As dog people ourselves, we couldn't imagine living anywhere else besides Mt Hood, Oregon. This vacation destination offers four magical seasons and plenty of pet friendly activities that the whole family can participate in. Here are some of our favorite things to do with our furry companions in beautiful Mt Hood - we hope you enjoy!

  1. Mt Hood Dog Friendly Hikes
  2. Dog Friendly Sno-Parks at Mt Hood
  3. Dog Friendly Restaurants at Mt Hood
  4. Mt Hood Dog Friendly Lodging
  5. Teach Your Pup Some New Tricks
  6. End the Day with a Special Treat

Your Guide to Enjoying Mt Hood with Your Dog

#1 - Mt Hood Dog Friendly Hikes

Guests who rent our pet friendly cabins frequently ask us where they should hike with their furry friends. Luckily, the answer is that there are many dog friendly trails at Mt Hood. These trails have gorgeous views, and many of them lead to streams or lakes that Fido is welcome to swim in. Be sure to bring a portable water bowl on your hike and please remember that dogs must be on leash on trails. And most importantly, bring a poop pickup bag and pack it out. We do not have poop bag patrol to pick up the bags left behind on the trails.

#2 - Dog Friendly Sno-Parks at Mt Hood

Mt Hood is a year-round destination, and when hiking is out of the question it's time to take your dog to a sno-park to snowshoe or cross country ski! Dogs are welcome to enjoy winter fun with you at many of our local sno-parks.

  • White River West Sno-Park: Located in the Mt Hood National Forest, White River West Sno-Park is great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing with your pup.
  • Barlow Pass Sno-Park: 2 miles north of US 26, Barlow Pass Sno-Park offers the perfect snow play opportunities for you and your dog.
  • Pocket Creek Sno-Park: Pocket Creek Sno-Park is a bit longer of a drive, but you will be rewarded with plenty of space for Fido and you to play.

#3 - Dog Friendly Restaurants at Mt Hood

After a long day of adventure with your pup, you might be ready to let someone else do the cooking. Mt Hood is very pet friendly, and many of our restaurants offer outdoor seating where your dog can join you. Some restaurants even have special treats on the menu just for Fido!

  • Mt Hood Brewing Co: This pet friendly pub in Government Camp offers patio seating where your dog can join you. You'll enjoy fresh brews and pub fare like fish-n-chips and burgers.
  • Ratskellar: This pizzeria in Government Camp offers outdoor seating where your dog can join you for lunch, dinner or drinks.
  • Barlow Trail Roadhouse: Enjoy historic sites and delicious eats at the Barlow Trail Roadhouse in Welches. Fido is welcome on the outdoor patio.
  • All Natural Wraptitude: Enjoy gourmet wraps, burgers, sandwiches, beer, wine and more at the outdoor tables at Wraptitude in Welches! Wraptitude also offers live entertainment in the summer. 
  • Altitude Restaurant & Lounge: Altitude Restaurant and Lounge offers casual upscale dining and welcomes dogs at their outdoor tables.
  • Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen in Rhododendron offers the usual classics like hamburgers, fries and ice cream treats. Dogs are welcome to join you in the outdoor seating section and you can even ask for an ice cream treat for your furry friend. 
  • Pub 26: Fun tavern for hand-crafted cocktails and local beer. Bar menu with amazing fried chicken sandwiches, burgers and grilled cheese with housemade tomato soup. Covered all-weather outside dining. Open 4 - 10 PM daily.
  • Koya Kitchen: Asian-inspired food cart with large outside dining area serving cocktails, beer and saki.

Mt Hood Dining Guide

#4 - Mt Hood Dog Friendly Lodging

There's nothing like kicking back with a glass of wine while you watch the sunset and play fetch with Fido. The sense of joy you get from seeing them run around to their heart's content is really fulfilling. Some vacation planning experiences can be stressful when you're trying to figure out where to stay and what to do with your dog - but Mt Hood makes it easy. We offer a great selection of pet friendly rental cabins at Mt Hood. Find a secluded cabin where your dog can have the lay of the land, or choose a riverfront rental if your pup loves the water. 

Browse Pet Friendly Rentals

#5 - Teach Your Pup Some New Tricks

It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day noise that can distract us from working on obedience with our pets. That's why vacation is the perfect time to break out the treats, tennis ball, or clicker and work on some training techniques. You might want to work on some advanced skills if you've already mastered the classics like "sit", "lay down" and "heel". Can you teach your pup to rollover? What about telling them to "wait" as you walk a few feet in front of them? Connecting with your dog and checking in on their obedience skills will make hiking, running, and snowshoeing with them much more enjoyable. 

#6 - End the Day with a Special Treat

All of our Mt Hood cabin rentals have full kitchens, so you can whip up something sweet for your awesomely good doggo! It's surprising how easy it is to make homemade dog treats, and you might even get some bonus cuddles for all of your hard work. Here is one of our favorite treat recipes, perfect for a weekend with your pup. If you have two dogs consider doubling it!

Spot's Peanut Pumpkin Sweet Treats

  • 4 T Pumpkin Puree
  • 1/2 C Peanut Butter
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 1/4 C Flour (preferably whole wheat, but white flour is okay too)


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Mix pumpkin puree, peanut butter and egg together until well combined
  • Slowly add in flour until combined
  • Knead the dough slightly then roll it out to a 1/4" thickness of a floured surface
  • Cut into whatever shapes you like (Spot prefers bone shaped)
  • Place on baking sheet and bake 20 minutes
  • Let cool before serving

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We've got all the details on planning the ultimate pet friendly vacation to Mt Hood, Oregon. Browse our pet friendly cabins and contact us with any questions.

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Best Of Mt Hood

9 Beautiful Cabin Rentals at Mt Hood Oregon
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Friday, June 4, 2021

Staying in a cabin rental at Mt Hood in Oregon offers an experience that you’ll never want to leave while creating memories to last a lifetime. We know that finding the perfect vacation rental can be overwhelming, so we’ve comprised a list of our favorite Mt Hood cabin rentals to make your trip planning easier.

9 Beautiful Cabin Rentals at Mt Hood Oregon At a Glance

  1. Cedar Creek Hideaway
  2. Ripplewood
  3. Firwood Cabin
  4. Bear Den Log Cabin
  5. Salmonberry Retreat
  6. Storybrooks Cabin
  7. Moondance Cabin
  8. Cedar Springs Cabin
  9. River View Cabin

9 Beautiful Cabin Rentals at Mt Hood Oregon Details

#1 - Cedar Creek Hideaway

Cedar Creek Hideaway

Cedar Creek Hideaway Interior

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Sleeps: 9
  • Featured Amenities: Secluded, Geodesic Dome, Woodstove, Dog-Friendly

Find peace at the beautiful and unique Cedar Creek Hideaway in Welches. Sitting on seven private acres, this cabin rental at Mt Hood in Oregon allows you and your family a deserving getaway. Hang out on the wrap-around deck grilling dinner on the gas BBQ and take in all of the beauty of the Mt Hood area.

#2 - Ripplewood


Ripplewood riverside deck

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Featured Amenities: Private Hot Tub, Dog-Friendly, Riverfront, Fireplace, Romantic Getaway or Rejuvenating Retreat

At the end of the road on an acre along the Salmon River, the Ripplewood, is a special place for getting away from it all and rejuvenating your soul. Sip your morning coffee and enjoy the view of the Salmon River from the riverside deck. Soak in the hot tub and gather around the large dining table for memorable meals. You'll never want to leave this Mt Hood cabin rental. 

#3 - Firwood Cabin

Firwood Cabin Mt Hood Vacation Rental

Firwood Cabin Rental at Mt Hood Oregon

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Featured Amenities: Forest and Mountain View, Outdoor Hot Tub, Private 3 Acres, Dog-Friendly

Wake up to stunning Cascade Foothills views at the secluded and cozy Firwood Cabin. Off the beaten path and sitting on three private acres, this cabin rental at Mt Hood, OR is in close proximity to Mt Hood National Forest trails. Spend the afternoon on an adventurous hike or settle in and relax at this peaceful cabin.

#4 - Bear Den Log Cabin

Bear Den Log Cabin Mt Hood Rental

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Featured Amenities: Dog Friendly, Creekfront, Fireplace, Classic Log Cabin

A classic log cabin experience, Bear Den Log Cabin is nestled alongside Billy Creek and is just a short walk to the Salmon River. Enjoy the sounds of the brook flowing and find your peaceful moments during your Mt Hood vacation. 

#5 - Salmonberry Retreat

Salmonberry Retreat Interior

Mt Hood Salmonberry Retreat Exterior

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Featured Amenities: Riverfront, Private Hot Tub, Fireplace, Dog Friendly

An abundance of natural light greets you every morning at the Salmonberry Retreat cabin. The warm and inviting atmosphere of this cabin rental at Mt Hood is sure to be a hit amongst you and your family. Dine at the outdoor picnic table, explore Mt Hood and then soak away your tired muscles after the day's adventures in the private, outdoor hot tub.

#6 - Storybrooks Cabin

Storybrooks Cabin

Kitchen Creek at Storybrooks Cabin

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Featured Amenities: Vintage Steiner Cabin, Dog Friendly, Fireplace, Creekside

Surrounded by two creeks, the Storybrooks Cabin is a magical getaway for families looking for a classic Mt Hood Vacation. Close to hiking trails and bike parks, you will have fun whether you venture out or just stay in and relax by the creeks. This cabin rental at Mt Hood, OR makes for an amazing Mt Hood getaway.

#7 - Moondance Cabin

Moondance Cabin Mt Hood Vacation Rental

Moondance Cabin Interior

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Featured Amenities: Fireplace, Creekside, Secluded, Private Hot Tub

Moondance Cabin's classic mountain charm and character make for a peaceful retreat to the mountains. This cabin's secluded, creekside setting allows you to sit right next to Clear Creek, listening to the water flowing by. The Moondance Cabin is popular for romantic getaways but is also perfect for two couples or a small family.

#8 - Cedar Springs Cabin

Cedar Springs Cabin Mt Hood

Cedar Springs Cabin Interior

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Featured Amenities: Secluded, Fireplace, Private Hot Tub, Romantic Retreat

Cedar Springs Cabin is a new custom-built and artfully crafted cabin located in Welches. This Mt Hood cabin rental comes with everything needed for your Mt Hood escape including a private hot tub, amazing views, and a secluded setting next to Mt Hood National Forest. 

#9 - River View Cabin

River View Cabin

River View Cabin View

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Featured Amenities: Riverfront, Fireplace, Secluded, Private Hot Tub

Spend some quality time with your loved one during your getaway to the River View Cabin. Soak in the private hot tub after a day of exploring Mt Hood or snuggle in the great room by the wood-burning fireplace. With views of the Sandy River and the Cascade Foothill mountains, this warm and cozy cabin is sure to be perfect for your special trip. 

Plan Your Mt Hood Vacation Getaway

Our Mt Hood vacation rentals offer space to relax, unwind and enjoy Mt Hood’s beauty. Browse our selection of Mt Hood vacation rentals to reserve the perfect property for your retreat. We know that vacation planning can be overwhelming, so our Vacation Planners are available to assist you. 

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