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Golden Retriever is standing by the beautiful lake with Hood Mountain Peak in the background during a vibrant sunny summer day. Taken from Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, United States of America. (Golden Retriever is standing by the   MATURE DOGS ONLY: We welcome your mature, well-trained dogs in our pet-friendly vacation rentals. We do not limit the size or number of dogs that may join you, but we do ask that your dog is at least 1 year old. PET REGISTRATION: Please select the number of dogs you will be bringing while booking your reservation. Of course, if you decide at the last minute to bring a dog, we are happy to add them to your reservation in a pet-friendly home. PET FEE: You will be charged a fee for the privilege of bringing your dog(s) with you. This charge is included in the total charges on your reservation. This charge assists us in performing the additional housekeeping duties necessary to ensure the home is cleaned and prepared properly for the next guest. You will be billed for any cleaning or repair expenses above and beyond normal. PET CONTROL: Do not allow your dog to bark, growl or in any other way intimidate or harm other people who are in the area. PETS ON LEASH: Your pet(s) must be with you and under your control at all times. Clackamas County Animal Control Ordinances require that you keep your pet(s) on a leash at all times when they are in public areas. PETS IN THE HOME: Unfamiliar surroundings and noises may cause your pet(s) some discomfort. With this in mind, we are resolute in requesting that your pet(s) may never be left alone in the vacation rental home or yard for any reason or for any length of time. Should your (pet)s be left alone and create a disturbance, we may have to contact the appropriate authorities to remove the pet(s). Any costs to retrieve the pet(s) are the responsibility of the pet owner. PET CLEAN-UP: Bring your pooper-scooper with you. No one ever gets a break from that! Make sure there are no messes left in the yard or neighborhood of the vacation rental you are staying in. We leave a dog shovel in the yard of your vacation rental and complimentary pick-up bags inside the rental home for you to use. PET BED: Do not allow your dog(s) on the furniture or beds. It is very difficult to clean and remove dog hair. Bring your dog’s favorite bed or blanket for it to lie on. We will also provide a special towel and sheet for your dog to use. PET ACCIDENTS: Please inform us immediately if your pet has an accident so that we can attend to it immediately A pet dog sleeps while tied to the hitch of an RV camper van while on an outdoor adventure camping trip with his owners in Oregon. The dog's owner is sitting in a camp chair in the background.


  • When taking your dog on hikes, skis or to the lakes and rivers, be sure to keep them on a leash and not bothering other people or dogs.
  • Be sure to provide your pooch with a shady spot to rest to avoid becoming overheated!
  • Share your sunscreen with Fido – dogs are prone to sunburn just like humans.
  • If you are recreating in an area without a natural water source, bring along extra drinking water and a portable bowl for your dog.


Sandy Animal Clinic 36645 Highway 26
, Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-668-4139 Barlow Trail Veterinary Clinic 39231 Proctor Blvd, Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-668-4137


Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital 1945 NW Pettygrove, Portland, Oregon 97209 503-228-7281 VCA Pet Hospital 13830 SE Stark, Portland, Oregon 97233 503-255-8139


Mt Hood Pet Resort 17440 Meinig Ave, Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-668-8900


Sandy Animal Supply 36645 Highway 26, Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-668-8877


Mt Hood Pet Resort 17440 Meinig Ave, Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-668-8900