How to Book Direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals

How to Book Direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Tuesday, February 13, 2018

5 Tips for Booking a Vacation Rental Directly with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals

1. Do a Google Search using  “mt hood vacation rentals” to start.

The Mt Hood area does not have a huge inventory of vacation rentals, so you may not need to add more words to your search terms. If you have specific amenties that you want in your vacation home, try something like “mt hood vacation rentals with hot tubs” or “pet-friendly vacation cabins at mthood” or “vacation rental managers at mt hood”. Almost always, Mt Hood Vacation Rentals‘ website will pop up at the top of the “organic” or unpaid search results. We also show up in the paid results, usually right behind the OTAs. Keep in mind that the first 4 search results are going to be paid ads. Also, try your search in Bing. Fewer companies and OTAs advertise there, so you may find fewer listings to sort through.

2. When you find a listing on an OTA that appeals to you, copy and paste the name of the vacation rental and Mt Hood in Google or Bing.

Usually, the page for that specific vacation rental will pop up at the top. If the vacation rental does not have a name (Cozy Cabin for example), then copy and paste the first two sentences in the description with “mt hood” and search in Google or Bing. Our vacation home information is sent to the OTA and to our website, from our reservation software via an API data feed. The listings will be identical, so the home you are looking for will show up at the top of your search.

3. Search Google Local for Mt Hood.

Mt Hood Vacation Rentals is listed in Google Local. When searching for a vacation rental, scroll past the paid listings (the top 4 listings in your search that say Ad in small letters underneath them) down to the Google Local listings next to the map. Click on the map or in the listings for Mt Hood Vacation Rentals.

4. Check the Mt Hood Area Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Information Center or Destination Marketing Organization websites.

They will have listings for all of the local vacation rental managers as well as for restaurants, shops, attractions and other things to see and do in the area. Here are a few informative websites to visit while planning your Mt Hood vacation:

5. Search social media for Mt Hood Vacation Rentals.

Mt Hood Vacation Rentals uses social media to connect with our guests, so you can find our contact information, interesting links for things to do and specials when you visit our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages.

To learn more or to #bookdirect, visit or call one of our vacation planners at 888-424-9168.

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