Discover Polliwogs at Frog Lake

Discover Polliwogs at Frog Lake
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Monday, May 17, 2021

There are thousands of polliwogs swimming around at Frog Lake in the Mt Hood National Forest right now. The first stage of life for a frog is as a tadpole or the more fun-to-say name, polliwog. The snow around the lake melted recently and the frogs got busy starting new families. It is fun for kids and adults alike to go check out the polliwogs swimming near the shore. See how many you can count!

Tadpole Adventures for Everyone in the Family at Frog Lake

The lifecycle of a frog starts when the eggs are first laid and fertilized, then the embryo divides and becomes a tadpole slowing growing legs and finally becoming a frog about 12 weeks later. In early June, the tadpoles look like they just have tails and they are swimming around frantically in the shallow and calm waters at the shores of Frog Lake. So, depending upon when you head up to Frog Lake this summer, you might see many different stages of development. For more information about the lifecycle of a frog, here is an easy-to-read article from

Hikes to Frog Lake

While visiting Frog Lake during your Mt Hood Vacation, you can hike along the Lower Twin Lake Trail or the Frog Lake Buttes Trail. Or take a paddle board or canoe and paddle around Frog Lake or Twin Lake. Frog Lake might be a little chilly for swimming, but Lower Twin Lake is smaller and shallower, so more suitable for a cool-down dip on a hot summer day.

The Lower Twin Lake Loop is a 4-mile round-trip hike that takes you through old-growth forest to Lower Twin Lake. Hike all they way around the lake to add 1 mile to your hike. For more advanced hikers, hike the Twin Lakes Trails by adding the Upper Twin Lake loop for a 7-8 mile hike with more hills. The Frog Lake Buttes Trail is 7.4 miles round-trip and includes 1745 feet of elevation gain for a good day hike that will leave you looking forward to that swim in the lake.

A shorter, yet strenuous hike is on the Frog Lake Trail at just 2.6 miles, this out and back trail has 800 feet of elevation gain in 1.3 miles, but offers views of Mt Jefferson and will also link you to the Frog Lake Buttes Trail and the Twin Lakes Trails.

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