Zip up to Mt Hood
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One snow storm after another gives good reason to zip on up to Mt Hood for a snowplay day. Temps at the ski areas today are in low teens & low 20's with 9 inches of new snow and sunshine forecast for this afternoon.



When skiing or riding, it's a good idea to zip up with your clothing, too. Wear multiple layers of of zip tops starting with a thin layer closest to your skin. Underarm zips are nice when you are moving and getting hot, helping you to ventilate and cool down. Sweat next to your skin can make you cold when you stop moving to ride a chairlift. And don't forget to wear synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture. Want more info? Head to REI's Snowsports Expert Advice page.



And don't forget to stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental when visiting Mt Hood for your snowplay vacation.

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