Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our dogs are members of the family, so when we go on vacation, we like to include them when we can.  For the dog owner, we have a sense of security knowing what is happening with our pet instead of worrying about him being home without us.  And having a dog along on vacation just adds to the fun, especially an active vacation that includes hiking, swimming or snow play.  Fortunately, most Mt Hood Vacation Rentals welcome mature dogs to join you during your visit.

When you bring your dog with you on vacation, there are some important things to remember:

Traveling by Car:
Before loading your dog into the car, make sure he has a comfortable and roomy enough spot to lie down and relax.  Also, do not feed your dog too much food as he could become car sick.  A little bit of exercise before the car ride will help him relax and fall asleep, too.

Health of Your Dog:
Make sure your dog is healthy when he travels with you.  He should be up to date with all of his vaccinations and not have any diseases or injuries that require a vet visit.  If your dog is on a regular medication, make sure you remember to bring it along.  Also, find out in advance where the closest veterinary clinic and any other important pet services you might need are located.

Exploring the Temporary Home away from Home:
As soon as you arrive to the vacation rental, take your dog for a walk and show him around the yard as well as the areas where you will be walking him.  This will help him to become acquainted with and comfortable with the new surroundings as quickly as possible.  And after a long drive, he will likely need a potty break.  (Pick up after your dog, too.)  And always use a leash when walking your dog; never let him run free - he might run away.

New and Different Surroundings:
Your dog may become nervous in new and different surroundings.  Make sure you bring plenty of his regular dog food, some familiar toys and blankets, beds and towels so he will have something from home to comfort him.  Also, make sure take your dog on plenty of walks and outside potty breaks and never leave the dog alone in the vacation rental.

Pre-register Your Dog:
Always make sure in advance of your arrival that the vacation rental is pet-friendly and that you inform the vacation rental manager that you will be bringing your pet.  There are typically additional fees to cover the cost of additional cleaning after a dog has been in a vacation rental.

If you would like to bring your dog with you when you stay at a Mt Hood Vacation Rental, check out our pet-friendly vacation homes.


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