Top 5 Dog Friendly Mt Hood Vacation Rentals
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The results are in. We surveyed almost 700 guests of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals who bring their dogs along when they stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental to find out which dog-friendly Mt Hood Vacation Rental is the favorite of their dog. Here they are listed in order with the best "dog house" at the top of the list:

Riverwood Hideaway
Bear Den Log Cabin
Pine River Cabin & Salmon River Retreat tied for 5th place

We also asked our guests which pet amenities are the most important to them and their dogs. Almost 75% of the respondents overwhelmingly voted for the most important feature at the top of the list.

Secluded location
Walking distance to river or creek
Large yard
Close to hiking trails
River or creek on property

There was a 3-way tie for the Mt Hood Vacation Rental home that our guests would like to try out the next time they bring their dog with them on vacation. Those homes are:

Rapid River Retreat
Salmon River Retreat







Some of our guests also shared stories about their dogs and sent along photos, too.

The most heart-warming story was from a guest who stayed at the Deer Island Chalet. Here is her story in part:

At the time when we visited, we had 2 dogs, Wicket and Natasha. Wicket was a yellow lab mix, elderly, and had several health problems. She absolutely came to life at the property! Even though it was freezing, she swam in the river for over an hour, and we all took long walks on the trails every day. Neither of my dogs had seen deer before, so imagine their surprise when a group of nine was standing outside the livingroom window one morning! We had to put Wicket to sleep just a couple of months after our trip, but I cherish the memories that we have of her at Deer Island Chalet, and I am grateful that she got to do what she loved best: swim as long as she wanted, walk trails, and then crash into a hard sleep next to her owners every night.

Over 75% of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals permit dogs to stay with you when on your vacation. If you would like to plan a summer or winter vacation at Mt Hood with your dog, just give us a call at 866.976.0235 or visit us online.




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