Snow on Mt Hood Roads & Trails in July!!
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Sunday, July 6, 2008

It was the winter that would not go away this past year at Mt Hood. We would get a little blast of spring with sunshine and warmer temperatures for a few days, then head back into winter-like weather until mid-June, when a cold winter storm rolled in, depositing 2 feet of snow on the ground at Timberline Lodge (6000 ft elev) and 1 foot of snow in Government Camp (3200-3800 ft elev). The Mt Hood Adventure Park has postponed it's opening to July 9th this year. In normal years, they would have been operating for a full month already. The management just had to be patient and wait for the 5-foot snowpack to melt enough to open the Alpine Slide, Bungee Jump, Go-Carts, Mountain Bike Park plus 25 other attractions.



As of July 5th, the West Leg Road up to Timberline was closed just one mile from Highway 26, due to 3 feet of snow on the roadway. A normally fun, back-country drive from Welches to Hood River, heads up Lolo Pass Road, past Lost Lake and down FS Road 18 to Dee, Parkdale, Dee and finally Hood River is closed due to heavy snow.
Many higher elevation campgrounds are still closed due to heavy snow.
However, there are still lots of options for hiking, biking and camping in the woods this year. And now that July is upon us with longer and warmer days, the snow will melt away in no time.



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