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Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Monday, May 25, 2020

Find Comfort in a Private Cabin or Lodge at Mt Hood

We've all been itching to get out of our homes and apartments and enjoy experiences that make this world feel a little more normal right now. As regulations begin to ease and our communities start phased plans to reopen, we wonder how we can take a little time for ourselves while still respecting our communities and keeping our loved ones safe. Searching for and appreciating this balance is what makes humankind and our culture truly beautiful. We hope we can help be a part of that process, by providing smart vacations at Mt Hood, Oregon. Here are our top 6 suggestions for getting a little "me time" in the summer and fall of 2020 in a way that is respectful, smart and kind. 

Six Smart & Kind Ways to Get Away in the Summer & Fall of 2020

#1 - Mt Hood Riverfront and Creekside Rentals

If restrictions are beginning to ease in your area, you've probably noticed the rush of people heading to the rivers and shores. It's no wonder why - riverfront settings are relaxing and refreshing, and there's something about moving water that can create that sense of "zen" you've been searching for. Did you know that the negative ions created from the moving water in the rivers at Mt Hood actually build up your "so-called happiness hormones" - endorphins and serotonin - in your body, creating a positive mood and sense of well-being. Many of our Mt Hood cabins and lodges are located along rushing rivers and meandering streams, offering a socially-distanced way to get your water fix without adding to the crowds in more public spaces. Find your ideal happy place in a Riverfront Mt Hood Vacation Rental.

Riverfront Cabin Rentals at Mt Hood

#2 - Secluded Mt Hood Cabin Rentals

Space is something we could all use a little of by now. We've spent our time away from others, but we've done so in the confines of our home. We want to feel the expansive sky above us and close our eyes while we listen to the birds sing. We hope our secluded vacation cabins at Mt Hood can help you do this. Picture long roads, tall trees and amazing views all around as you and your loved ones make your way to our private and secluded cabins. Solitude awaits you at our cabins fit perfectly for social distancing.

Secluded Mt Hood Cabins

#3 - Working from "Home" in a Mt Hood Lodge

Working from home is a new reality, with many big tech companies already letting employees know they will be doing so through 2020. You might be ready for a change of scenery if you've been working off a stack of books in your kitchen or doubling as a teacher for your kids. If you're a remote worker, you can certainly get away even if you can't take time off for a vacation right now. Even though our vacation cabins at Mt Hood are secluded, most of them still offer Wifi - just ask us about the best homes for fast Internet connections. If you're taking the opposite approach and you're ready for an "unplugged" trip, we have a few homes with slower speeds that will make it easier to unplug. Call us to find the perfect "Working from Home" Home or Cabin for Unplugging at 888-424-9168.

#4 - Bring Your Family Dog with You to Mt Hood

This is an unprecedented time for our pups too. Shelters are emptying out, so many dogs have brand new families. Dogs with 9 to 5 parents are surely confused why their best friends are home all day, all the time (and why they keep telling them they cannot bark at squirrels during conference calls)! Whether your pup is a brand new addition or has been with you for a long time, they're probably in need of some outdoor adventure and sunshine too. Your dogs are welcome to join you in most Mt Hood Vacation Rentals, because making a cabin or lodge your home away from home means your family's best friend needs to come along with you. There are plenty of meadows for playing fetch, paths for long walks, rivers for swimming and sunny decks for afternoon naps at our cabins and lodges. Find your dog's favorite cabin among our Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals.

Pet-Friendly Cabins at Mt Hood

#5 - Self-Isolating & Celebrating in a Mt Hood Cabin

Maybe you share a home with your elderly parents and want to keep them safe, or maybe you want a memorable place to celebrate your child's birthday since they cannot have their regular party. Maybe you've just tied the knot and need a socially-distanced approved honeymoon spot. We're resilient, and our lives keep moving forward even in the toughest of circumstances. We will always find ways to persevere, and we hope our cabins at Mt Hood can bring you some socially-distanced approved opportunities to celebrate life. It is easy to socially distance in the forest when you are surrounded by nature, magnificent trees, meandering streams, blue skies and stunning Mt Hood views. Get away from the city and give yourself and your family much welcomed quiet time to find your centers and refresh your souls. Search our Mt Hood Log Homes.

Log Cabins at Mt Hood

#6 - Extended Stay Specials

We understand many of you may want to come for an extended period of time. Maybe your car ride is a little long, or maybe you need to be out of your house for a few weeks. For a limited time, book an extended visit in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental this summer and save. The longer you stay, the better the savings.

  • When you book 2 weeks, you will save 10% off the regular nightly rate.
  • Stay 15-20 nights and save 15% off the regular nightly rate.
  • Stay 21-28 nights and save 20% off the regular nightly rate.
  • Valid for new reservations booked between May 25 - 31, 2020 with stay dates between June 12 - September 6, 2020.
  • Discounts will automatically calculate upon booking. Not available with other discounts, offers, promotions or specials.

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