New Doggie Park at Mt Hood Meadows is Nice Benefit for Vacationers & their Dogs
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A cool new feature at Mt Hood Meadows is their Doggie Park.  They have now designated an area for skiers and riders who bring their dogs with them for the day to walk and potty their pooches.  We think this is a great idea.  We have noticed dogs in the parking lot everytime we head up to Meadows and while I have never had the unforunate mishap of stepping in or skiing over doggie doo-doo, I sure would be unhappy if it happened.  Meadows was pro-active when they designed the special area just for dogs.  Instead of alienating their customers, they have made their visit a bit easier.
About 3/4 of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals are pet-friendly.  Most of our guests are driving to Mt Hood from 1-3 hours away, so they like to bring their dogs with them on vacation rather than leave them at home.  We see the Doggie Park as a win-win solution for our vacation rental guests who like to travel with their dogs.
Also, when you stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental, you can purchase Mt Hood Meadows lift tickets and save up to $19 per person per day.

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