Kayakers Ride Frustration Falls on the Salmon River at Mt Hood Oregon
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Friday, March 14, 2008

Described as the Mt Everest of Oregon kayaking, local boaters made the run down Vanishing Falls, Frustration Falls and Final Falls in the Salmon River Gorge 2 times last spring. The Salmon River Trail is great for hiking and viewing old growth forest and the Salmon River. But for a few really gnarly, very experienced expert kayakers, the hike would not be worth it if they did not have their boats with them for the return trip. Anyway, the photos are really awesome and make it pretty clear that your average person would not or could not attempt this.



A quote from the kayakers' blog discussing the 2nd run in June of 2007: "One more run before it goes away for another year. We decided to camp at the put-in and get up and charge it the next day. So we arived sat. afternoon and proceeded to hike our boats down the trail so we didn't have to deal with it the next day. The next morning we ran shuttle really fast...and made it on the water by 1pm. " and "We had a rope for the rappel at Final Falls, but there were other options that the crew explored. Keel and Jeff jumped off the top and into the pool and Chris Korbulic decided to fire up the main line, just left of the flake in the center of the falls. He over rotated just a little, tossed the paddle and tucked up tight. That was right up there with the sickest lines I've seen. Final Falls is really big and hard to line up. We paddled out and made it before dark."



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