#BookDirect with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals and Save Money!
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Monday, February 1, 2021

Get the Best Value on Your Next Mt Hood Vacation When you Book Direct

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What Does it Mean to Book Direct?

Our options for finding the perfect vacation rental have increased tremendously over the past decade. Today, you can shop online and browse thousands of vacation rental homes. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Vrbo and Airbnb make this process easy, but do you know who owns and manages the vacation homes you're looking at?

The truth is, many of the properties that you see on these sites are actually managed by local property managers, and they're putting their homes on these sites just to get in front of you. You can often find the exact same vacation rental on the property manager's local website. Booking Direct means that you make your reservation through the property manager's local website - like - instead of Vrbo and other 3rd party websites. 

Book Direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals

What Are the Benefits of Booking Direct? 

Local, Knowledgeable and Friendly Vacation Planners

When you #BookDirect, you have direct contact with our personable and friendly vacation planners. Our professional and knowledgeable team knows our vacation rentals inside and out. They will assist you in finding the perfect retreat for your Mt Hood getaway. The vacation planners in our locally owned and operated office have a combined 125 years of living and playing at Mt Hood and enjoying everything there is to do here. We can point you in the right direction for restaurants, recreation, activities and more while you plan your vacation.

Mt Hood Vacation Rentals Local Office in Welches

If you have special needs, Mt Hood Vacation Rentals is here for you. Looking for assistance with your family’s special celebration or a specific request? Do you want to surprise someone with flowers and a bottle of champagne? Or would you like ready-to-bake lasagna in the refrigerator when you arrive? We can make things like this happen for you. As professional vacation rental managers located centrally to all of our vacation homes, we will work with you directly to assist with any of your individual needs and make sure everything is just right before you finalize your vacation plans.

Get Access to Our Entire Inventory

Many of our vacation rentals including our best homes aren’t even listed on Vrbo or Airbnb. Because of the cost of using the listing sites, the best and most popular vacation homes cannot be found on these travel websites. As a matter of fact, only about half of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals are listed on OTAs. By limiting your search to the OTAs, you might be missing out on the perfect vacation home for your family or group of friends. When you #BookDirect, you have the best opportunity of finding the the right vacation rental for your Mt Hood vacation.

Book Direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals

Pay Less for the Same Vacation Cabin

Yes, you read that correctly! Rent the same exact cabin you were eyeing on that OTA site without all the extra fees. VRBO, Airbnb and many other OTAs add hundreds of dollars in fees to your booking total. The traveler or service fee that is added on to your booked reservation by the OTAs can be 10% - 15% of the booking total that you pay for your vacation. Most of these fees go to Vrbo and Airbnb, however, many property managers also mark up their prices on these sites to cover their costs. We want to make sure your vacation is perfect and that your budget is not stretched with extra fees when you plan your Mt Hood vacation.

When you #BookDirect with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals, those additional fees are avoided, so you can use that money for a nice meal, lift tickets or a memorable souvenir. Booking direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals will always provide the best value for your vacation. We also often have specials and promotions that you can only get when you #BookDirect.

How to Book Directly Through a Vacation Rental Manager

So you understand what booking direct means, and the benefits make it a no-brainer. But how can you find these local property manager's websites? Here are our top five tips for finding local websites with the best inventory and pricing:

#1 - Do a Google Search Using [Destination] Vacation Rentals

Do a Google Search using [Destination] vacation rentals to start. If you are searching in an area that has alot of vacation rentals, you may need to add more to your search terms. Try something like "[Destination] vacation rentals with hot tubs" or "pet-friendly vacation cabins in [Destination]" or "vacation rental managers in [Destination]". Often local property manager websites will pop up at the top of the "organic" or unpaid search results. Keep in mind that the first 4 search results are going to be paid ads. Also, try your search in Bing. Fewer companies and OTAs advertise there, so you may find fewer listings to sort through.

#2 - Google Search the Name of the Rental you Found on an OTA

When you find a listing on an OTA that appeals to you, copy and paste the name of the vacation rental and [Destination] in Google or Bing. Usually, the page for that specific vacation rental will pop up just below the paid ads. If the vacation rental does not have a name (Cozy Cabin for example), then copy and paste the first one or two sentences in the description and search in Google or Bing. In most cases, the vacation home information will be in the Vacation Rental Managers' listing.

#3 - Search Google Local

You know that little map that shows up with local businesses sometimes when you search on Google? That's called Google Local! You can start out by going to Google Maps and typing in "[Destination] Vacation Rentals". The names of local property management companies will show up and there will be a link to their website so you can start shopping for the perfect rental.

#4 - Check out the Local Chamber of Commerce Website

Check out the local Chamber of Commerce, Visitor's Information Center or Destination Marketing Organization websites. They will have listings for all of the local vacation rental managers as well as for restaurants, shops, attractions and other things to see and do in the area.

#5 - Consult Social Media

Search FacebookInstagram and Pinterest for a "vacation rental manager in [Destination]". Most vacation rental managers use social media to connect with their guests, so you can find their contact information that way, too.

Book Direct with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals Today

Your cozy cabin getaway is calling! We offer 35 vacation homes with amenities like hot tubs, riverfront settings and so much more. Most are pet-friendly and welcome your dogs, too. Make your reservation today and get access to all of those special #BookDirect perks you've been reading about.

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