Arctic Blast 2008 vs. Heat Wave 2009
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now that the Heat Wave of 2009 has officially passed, we can take a reflective look back at the extreme weather events of the past 8 months or so. After the 10 straight days of over 90 degree temps with many days reaching over 100 degrees, it is hard to imagine that just last December, we were experiencing record-breaking cold and snow.

For business owners at Mt Hood, snow during the winter season is our lifeline. So when winter came a month late, we were relieved to finally have snowfall. Sorta... The snow came all at once, a winter's worth during the last 2 weeks of December, causing frozen pipes, power outages and difficult driving conditions. The skiing was good, though.
Fast forward to the last 2 weeks of July with 2 weeks of hot, dry temps. Overuse of air conditioning caused power brown-outs. And many people did not have AC. Is it global warming or just Southern California Santa Ana winds moving north to the Pacific Northwest?
For many people, the heat just means being uncomfortable. After all, here in the Pacific Northwest, it just doesn't get that hot. Don't we tell people all the time that we don't need air conditioning?
So here is the question. If you could choose between a record-breaking extreme weather event to take place again in the next year, which do you choose; the cold snow of the Arctic Blast or the stifling heat of the Heat Wave? Or maybe the question should be, which is more tolerable?

The results of an informal survey of our office staff as well as other Villages of Mt Hood residents surprised me. For one thing, most people actually had to stop and think about it for a few minutes. Personally, it was a hands down, easy to answer question: I'll take the heat wave any day.
So far, the vote is pretty much split down the middle with 43% choosing another Arctic Blast, 36% would choose a Heat Wave and 21% are waffling in the middle.
Of those who could endure another Arctic Blast, some of the comments were:
"I can always put more clothes on; there comes a point when you just cannot take anything else off."
"I love the snow."
"I moved here to get away from hot summers. Where I grew up we would get a whole lot more snow, so this didn't seem so bad."
"I think it is cool when the power goes out. I love cooking on my woodstove."
Okay, that last person should have been born 100 years earlier.
For the heat lovers, the comments were more like:
"If the snow didn't make so much work, I would like it more. But I had to shovel snow everyday, put chains on my car. Some days I couldn't get to my house and had to walk."
"It didn't get that hot and it cools down at night."
"I don't like the treacherous driving that the snow creates."
"I like it when it is sunny and warm. At least it is not humid here."
We want to know which weather event you would rather live through again if you had to pick one: an Arctic Blast or a Heat Wave?
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