4 Tips for Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse at Mt Hood
Posted by Mt Hood Vacation Rentals | Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Top Ways to Prepare for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

Magnitude of Totality Interactive Map for the Solar Eclipse
Find the Magnitude of Totality for your Solar Eclipse Viewing Location on this Interactive Map

If you are excited about and anticipating this spectacular astronomical event, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse happening on August 21, 2017, we have the top 4 tips to make this the most memorable experience of the year. When you are in the Villages of Mt Hood, you will be the north of the path of 100% totality. You can relax at your vacation cabin and see the eclipse in 97% - 99% totality with your friends and family or make the short drive south to the area of 100% totality.
1. Read Up: Start your research now about the how and why a total solar eclipse even happens. It will make the day that much more amazing. When you are in the path of totality you will see one of nature’s most incredible and rare sights, a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun's tenuous atmosphere known as the corona will first pass over the United States at Newport, Oregon at about 10:15 AM. At 10:17 AM, the Mt Hood area will experience 2 minutes of almost total darkness. You can Google search Total Solar Eclipse 2017 and find dozens of websites with information, however, we have two websites that we especially like for science nerds and every-day enthusiasts alike. The National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) is one of the best resources to learn everything there is to know about the science of a total solar eclipse., an online magazine is filled with interesting articles and ideas about how to enjoy the eclipse written by astronomy experts. Plus all guests of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals during the August 17th eclipse will receive the book, "Get Eclipsed: A Complete Guide to the American Eclipse".
2. Eclipse Glasses: To view the eclipse, you will need special eclipse glasses to avoid damage to your eyes. Regular or even the best sunglasses on the market will not protect your eyes. You need to view the eclipse through these funny-looking cardboard eclipse glasses with lenses of optical mylar that allow you to safely look directly at the sun. The mylar filters out most of the light and all of the dangerous infrared heat and ultraviolet radiation (the same stuff that causes sunburn). Good news for guests of Mt Hood Vacation Rentals; we will have free eclipse glasses for every person staying in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental during the Great American Solar Eclipse.
3. Don't Take Photos: While you are fiddling around with your camera or trying to figure out how to take a photo with your cell phone, you will miss the 2-minute eclipse. Leave the photography to the professionals who have the best and most expensive equipment. According to NikonUSA, "When viewing or photographing the partial phases of a solar eclipse or the maximum phase of an annular eclipse, you must use a solar filter. Even if 99% of the sun is covered by the moon, the remaining 1% crescent is dangerous to view with the naked eye and can cause serious eye damage or blindness." Just kick back, look up (with your eclipse glasses on) and enjoy the day.
4. Find Your Spot: Figure out where you are going to watch the eclipse now. This is going to be the most popular event of the summer, so you want to find your viewing place soon. When you stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental, you will see 97% - 99% of the eclipse, or you can drive about 30 miles south to be able to view 100% of the total eclipse. Either way, staying in a fully-furnished vacation rental will give you a comfortable place to gather with everyone for your solar eclispe watching party with your friends and family. There are a few cabins, chalets and lodges available during the eclipse so you will want to secure your lodging soon before they are all gone. Check out this cool interactive map to discover the magnitude of totality in your solar eclipse viewing location.
Mt Hood Vacation Rentals Total Solar Eclipse Package:
Stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental during the Great American Total Solar Eclipse and included with your cabin, chalet, cottage or lodge:
  • E-Passport filled with specials and coupons for activities and recreation throughout Oregon's Mt Hood Territory
  • Eclipse Glasses for everyone staying in the Mt Hood Vacation Rental with you
  • Get Eclipsed: The Complete Guide to the American Eclipse
  • Commemorative Eclipse T-shirt: One per reservation; more t-shirts available for sale while they last
Call a Vacation Planner at 888-424-9168 to make your reservation in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental for the Total Solar Eclipse or Book online soon before they are all gone.

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