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Betsy moved from California to Oregon in 1979 to attend Oregon State University. In 1982, she moved to Mt Hood to work at Mt Hood Meadows and Timberline Lodge. Betsy founded Mt Hood Vacation Rentals in 1991. The business has since grown to be known as the leading vacation rental management company at Mt Hood with the top priority of providing quality, clean and well-maintained vacation rental homes to guests along with exceptional and personalized customer service. Betsy spends her free time skiing, bike riding and traveling. Betsy currently serves on the Marketing Committee of Oregon's Mt Hood Territory and is a past Director for the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA).



Cari grew up in the Mt Hood area, attending grade school and high school locally. She attended Eastern Oregon State University for 2 years, studying nursing. Missing her family and the green trees and the majestic Cascade Mountain Range, Cari moved back to the area in the summer of 2003, when she came to work at Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. Cari brought with her experience with reservations and customer service from working at other Mt Hood area resorts. Cari's ability & willingness to learn new skills quickly coupled with her knowledge of the area and her friendly personality combine to make her the perfect fit for Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. Cari is the "glue" that keeps the front office and property care department functioning. Cari is a creative knitter and an enthusiastic gardener in her spare time. Cari currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals Association.



Fay visited Mt Hood while on vacation and loved the area so much that she moved here three months later. Her background includes working as a leasing agent and commercial property manager and as a sales representative and customer service specialist for medical devices to Chinese physicians and medical clinics. In her free time, she likes to hike new trails in the Mt Hood National Forest and socialize with friends. Fay grew up in Southern California and lived there her entire life until making the rural mountain lifestyle change. Fay has now lived here more than a year and considers herself an Oregonian. She sealed the deal by bringing a rescued big dog into her home.



Kayla grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduating from Kendall College of Arts and Design with a BFA degree. Kayla comes to Mt Hood Vacation Rentals with 9 years of experience in residential property management as well as having worked for a design company. Kayla brings professionalism, attention to detail and friendly customer service skills along with leasing experience to her position with Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. Kayla’s positive attitude, strong work ethic and genuine and authentic personality make her an excellent fit for Mt Hood Vacation Rentals’ ethos and culture. The Cascade mountain range in Oregon is the perfect place to live for Kayla as she enjoys mountain bike riding, snowboarding, hiking and yoga, all activities that are easily accessible here. Kayla’s boyfriend is a chef and they enjoy cooking together, exploring foods of the northwest as well as experiencing new restaurants, wineries and breweries in the area.



Paul is a long-time resident of the Mt Hood area. He is a licensed contractor and owner of Big Dog Fence Company. Paul is an avid outdoorsman, spending his free time mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking and playing with his dogs. Paul is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the more complex and specialized projects at our vacation rentals. Paul is available for larger deck, fence, gazebo and "hot tub complex" jobs as well. Paul enjoys being creative and keeping the homes and yards looking beautiful.



Debi lives in Estacada near the southern entrance to the Mt Hood National Forest. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs, most recently care-taking an elderly couple which included, cooking, cleaning, maintaining the home and just about everything else that goes with taking care of a home. Her prior cleaning experience was working with her husband in a car-detailing business that they owned for several years. Debi is now working in our in-house laundry room part time, assisting with housekeeping as needed. Her attention to detail translates well to our laundry operations insuring our linens meet our high standards for our guests. Debi enjoys tending to her flower and vegetable gardens and watching Nascar with her husband. She and her husband recently bought a motorcycle which they enjoy riding around the countryside on their days off. Debi also enjoys spending time with her dog and two cats.



Cailin has lived in Sandy, Oregon her entire life and welcomed the opportunity to work for a company that is close to home and the places where she loves to spend time. Cailin joined Mt Hood Vacation Rentals with a variety of work and life experience which brings a positive and upbeat attitude to her work and her coworkers. Cailin worked in a variety of positions for more than 10 years at Fred Meyer stores which helped her develop a friendly customer service and teamwork style. Cailin also worked part time at Joe’s Donut’s in Sandy. She stays busy at home with 5 children ranging between 12 – 19 years of age. Cailin, who works out at the gym every morning before work, also enjoys watching pro wrestling and takes every opportunity she gets to attend bouts in Portland. She and her family enjoy playing with their dogs, cats and ferret and hiking and doing anything that takes them outside. Her favorite hobby is restoring her classic 1971 Comet. Cailin’s upbeat, can-do anything attitude is a welcome addition to Mt Hood Vacation Rentals.



Rachael grew up in Northern California, moving to Oregon about 4 years ago to be closer to her husband’s family. She has a variety of work experience including as a residential housekeeper and hotel housekeeping department manager which included cleaning, training and supervising employees, managing a laundry room and ordering supplies and linens. Rachael’s vast background in the housekeeping industry brings well-rounded experience and strong skill sets to Mt Hood Vacation Rentals. She enjoys being on her feet and moving all day as well as admitting to being highly particular about cleanliness and orderliness in our laundry room and vacation homes. During her free time, Rachael enjoys spending time with her 3 teenage boys and husband camping and fishing throughout the Pacific Northwest. She loves to cook and crochet and she and her husband are waterfall and lighthouse enthusiasts.



Amber grew up in Las Vegas then moved to Long Beach, California to attend WyoTech Automotive School. Her hobby is rebuilding hot rod cars, so she decided to get her education in auto mechanics to build a career and to add a skill set for rebuilding classic cars. Amber has worked in a variety of jobs as a car mechanic for the past several years eventually ending up in the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband moved to the Mt Hood area last year to be closer to family and to get out of the city and live a more rural lifestyle. Amber enjoys camping and hiking and going for walks with her dog in the woods. She brings a strong work ethic and can-do attitude to the workplace. Amber is always the first person to jump in and offer to assist her co-workers.



Cooper found his way into our hearts in the fall of 2003. He is half Newfoundland and half Labrador, a Newfador or as we lovingly refer to him. Cooper has a big friendly heart and cannot resist saying hello to everyone. He doesn't hang out in the office too often because it takes a little too much effort to get in and out of the car. Back in the day, Cooper liked to ski, hike, accompany mountain bikers, sleep and most of all, EAT. Good news, Cooper who is now 13 1/2 years old and is still hanging in there. He mostly likes to sleep and eat these days, but will go for short walks around the neighborhood as well as wading into the river for a cool down or a drink.

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